Hyundai Santa-Fe Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2016 Kia Sorento vs. Hyundai Santa Fe Mashup Drag Race Review ) The 2016 Kia Sorento and the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe are new age crossover cousins. The Sorento is completely redesigned.

Oran Racing Club: Drag Cerato Vs SantaFe
Oran Racing Club présente: Démonstration. Pour toute proposition laissez-nous un message.

GMC Acaida SLT (2013) VS Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3L (2013) - Drag Race - Part 2
This was standing still Drag Race. I was driving the Acadia this time because I thought the guy who was driving first was not launching it in a proper way. I made ...

Santa Fe vs Acaida (Drag Race)
If both drivers are brave enough then why not, Drag Race is ON.

GMC Acadia SLT(2013) vs Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3L V6(2013) Drag Race (Rolling Start) - Part 3
Nothing in description, except my Low Fuel indication was running for long time.

LADIES' NIGHT - First Turbo Hyundai Elantra drag pass
I wish there were more. I need an event that offers enough opportunity to experiment and gather better data, but this pass is where it all begins. Multiple ...

Hyundai Sonata 2 0T Vs Ford Mustang 5 0 Hyundai Sonata 2 0T Vs Ford Mustang 5 0 1/4 mile drag racing. World Drag Racing Circuit @ ISLAND DRAGWAY, New Jersey.

Hyundai Santa Fe RS
very fast cornering.

2016 Hyundai Santa Fe SR (diesel) 0-100km/h & engine sound
2016 Hyundai Santa Fe SR (diesel) 0-100km/h & engine sound. Head over to for ...

Hyundai Santa Fe Expedition To Antarctica
Hyundai Motor has made history when a near-standard 2.2-litre diesel Santa Fe became the first passenger vehicle to be driven across the continent of ...

Reverse Drag Racing! | Bandimere Speedway | 4K
This is the first time I've ever seen Reverse Drag Racing, but it was awesome! The elimination-style event was held as an intermission during the inaugural Drag ...

First Test: 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe
For 2011, it's been updated, but unfortunately not enough to evade our criticism. The Santa Fe feels like it's from the old Hyundai, not the new, ...