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Hyundai Excel Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

'93 Honda Civic vs. '93 Hyundai Excel - "P" vs. "S" - Drag Race

'97 Buick LeSabre vs. '93 Hyundai Excel - "R" vs. "S" - Drag Race

Chomedey Hyundai Hyundai Accent drag race

Drag - Hyundai Accent makes 9.42 at 142 mph
Hyundai Accent makes 9.42 at 142 mph !!!

Me and Alistair drag raceing. Hyundai Excel Vs Toyota Corona. Paddock Bashes.
Me and alistair haveing a few little drag races down in the paddock lol JTrevanion.

Hyundai excel 4g93 drag La pequeña Nayelie 6.57 1/8 milla 100mph
Arecibo Motorsports 1/8 milla hyundai excel fwd automatic 1.8 lt Ronnie performance Isabela P.R.

Hyundai Accent vs. Honda Civic Drag race
My 03 Accent GSI with 2.0 tiburon engine swap.

Hyundai accent 2009 Drag Race
Well ... it's a stock car ... with manual 5-speeds transmission ... 110hp and 106 ft-pd so enjoy my ... 18 sec drag race XD ahahaha.

Hyundai Accent - Hubice Drag race 2009

Tom's Hyundai Excel - At the 1/4 mile
Here are the last gasps of my 95 Excel down at the drags. I managed to wring an 18.2 out of the wretched sohc, but the clutch wasn't up to the task of lots of full ...

Luke Anderson -Hyundai excel cup Willowbank raceway
few clips in my first race in the excel cup finished 12th out of 24.

Excel Cup Race 2 Lakeside 5 may 2013
Team Greystone, Excel cup lakeside race 2, topgear, Car 24 Driver Gaz, Started 10th finished 10. Thanks to www.greystonevacuums.com , Track Attack, ...


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