Hyundai Excel Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Hyundai Excel cup racing
Lakeside April 2016 starting from the rear of a 28 car field highlighting the close and competitive racing in the Excel cup series. Footage from Andrew Bond in the ...

'93 Honda Civic vs. '93 Hyundai Excel - "P" vs. "S" - Drag Race

'97 Buick LeSabre vs. '93 Hyundai Excel - "R" vs. "S" - Drag Race

Hyundai Accent #219x race car
This is my Accent X3 tuned for dirt race here in Québec.

Hyundai excel vs Toyota GT 86 Willowbank raceway
first run in excel, first run at willowbank. was good fun!

9 second turbo hyundai
here's a vid of a hyundai excel diving into the 9's.

In Pit Lane: Australian Hyundai Excel Racing
This week's "In Pit Lane S2E9 Porsche: And They're Racing!" is now available. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- From last ...

2011 Import Face Off Hyundai Excel 240SX
Crappy passes, but fun day lol.

Unlikely Race Car Part 3 - Open Headers
We're making consistent progress on our build and today we've replaced the headers. Ever wondered what open headers on a Hyundai Sonata would sound ...

Hyundai Excel V6 MSCT Motorkhana 19-6-10 run 2
just a little video of the first run, very cold weather and first run in 6 months for the car. this is the second run.

Hyundai excel 4g93 drag La pequeña Nayelie 6.57 1/8 milla 100mph
Arecibo Motorsports 1/8 milla hyundai excel fwd automatic 1.8 lt Ronnie performance Isabela P.R.

Turbocharged Celica Vs. Hyundai Excel GSR
Race starts at the 1:05 mark. Some idiot ruining the day and reputation of the racers, followed by an interesting race between a Celica and a Turbocharged ...