Hyundai Accent Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Drag - Hyundai Accent makes 9.42 at 142 mph
Hyundai Accent makes 9.42 at 142 mph !!!

Hyundai Accent vs HONDA Civic 5
Драг-заезд. Hyundai Accent против HONDA Civic 5. Проводит команда RJ team. Drag-racing. Hyundai Accent vs HONDA Civic 5. RJ team.

Hyundai Accent Drag Racing
В юмор)))) больше нечего сказать))))

My 1.5 Hyundai Accent vs 1.6 Opel Corsa Drag Race
My streetstock accent vs my friends prostock corsa...I won by 5 car lengths.

Hyundai Accent vs. Honda Civic Drag race
My 03 Accent GSI with 2.0 tiburon engine swap.

LADIES' NIGHT - First Turbo Hyundai Elantra drag pass
I wish there were more. I need an event that offers enough opportunity to experiment and gather better data, but this pass is where it all begins. Multiple ...

Hyundai Accent Era CRDi vs Ford Fiesta TDCi Drag
35 TL 864 18.03.2012 Draglar.

Neofex-Hyundai Performance Drag Series.wmv

Hyundai Accent vs I-20 Drag
Hyundai Accent(Stock) vs I-20(Mod) at DTU.

Hyundai Accent 1.5 Turbo Vs. Honda Civic B18C Type R - [HD].wmv

Accent Autocross
My Accent running an autocross event.

Chevy Lumina vs Hyundai Accent
Charles' 1998 Chevy Lumina vs. Ricky's 1996 Hyundai Accent. Lumina has 3.1 V6 with CAI and Exhaust. Accent has 1.5L completely stock.