Hummer H3 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Hummer H3 4x4 vs XR6 turbo Drag Race
Hummer H3 Runs 15.1Later a 14.99 Fast Hummer.

I Brought My Hummer to a Drag Strip
I brought my original Hummer to a quarter-mile drag strip. Here's what happened. Doug DeMuro.

H3 Roan vs J305 Kenneth Illegal Drag Racing in the Philippines at Libis Quezon City
H3 Roan Black SiR vs J305 Kenneth EK9 Illegal Drag Racing in the Philippines at Libis Quezon City Kenneth of J305 Wins this Race.

Land Cruiser VS Hummer H3 - Tug Of War
Land Cruiser VS Hummer H3 - Tug Of War Join us ... Facebook Group: Facebook Page: ...

Philippines Illegal Drag Racing H3 Tikoy Race Hatch vs SJAG EF Hatch
H3 Ralph "Tikoy" vs SJAG Mindanao Avenue EG Full Race ng H3 vs EF ng SJAG (Plus 15) H3 Hatch Fiber Glass Doors and Trunk vs All Metal EF of SJAG ...

V2 racing(Pua) vs h3 cebu(Velasco) Bacolod drag
good race.

Benelli TNT 600i vs Hummer H3 RACE

H3/Rurex 9.44sec Pass
Current Philippine Quickest & Fastest FWD Honda 9.440sec @ 154mph Clark International Speedway December 12, 2009.

Drag Race: BMW X6M50d vs Range Rover Sport SDV8
Last year, we launched an epic drag race which seemed to annoy many, many people. It featured BMW's most powerful diesel-engined car ever, the X5M50d, ...

Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne drag racing off road -
Which is faster off-road, the Range Rover V8 Supercharged or the Porsche Cayenne Turbo? We pitch them together in an off-road drag race to settle the score ...

Drag race: BMW X5 M50d versus Range Rover Sport Supercharged V8
In a clash that just ten years ago would have seemed impossible or just downright silly, we lined up BMW's most powerful diesel SUV against the new Range ...

Track Day in a Hummer
I took my Hummer to a race track for a track day. Here's what happened. (Doug DeMuro)