Hummer H2 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

950hp Dodge Ram 2500 VS Hummer H2 400hp Supercharged 1/4mile drag race
2007 950hp 2000Nm Dodge Ram 2500 5.9l 2xTD [12,64sec@176km/h] VS 400hp Hummer H2 6.0 V8 Supercharged [15,83sec@135km/h] 1/4mile drag race.

Supercharged HUMMER H2 acceleration, rolling start 20 mph to 60 mph
on the way back from the race track i was following my dad in his 2008 corvette z06, with his 2003 hummer h2, i was carrying his drag slicks and jacks and what ...

2009 Hummer H2 Drag Racing 1-20-2012
Friday night at qualcom stadium 1/8 mile drag racing the night before the 2012 monster jam san diego monster truck races. This is a real monster ...

Hummer H2 street race
American beauty car show 2010.

I Brought My Hummer to a Drag Strip
I brought my original Hummer to a quarter-mile drag strip. Here's what happened. Doug DeMuro.

Hummer drag race
Cayuga dragway.

6.0L V8 Hummer H2 acceleration and crazy loud sound
Hummer H2 6.0L V8 crazy loud sound!!! Begriffe: Audi A8 vs. Hummer, H2 Hummer vs. Audi, V8 TDI, 4.2 TDI,, acceleration, , vmax, top speed, german highway, ...

Predator Hummer Bull Run Duramax H2 Hummer Race Truck
The 2008 Bull Run Duramax Hummer H2 Drag Races a BMW V-10 M5 and wins!

F165 drag race a Hummer H2

HUMMER H2 ON ROCKSTARS DOIN THE MUD SLIDE! Hummer H2 struggled a little bit pulling the hill next to the Gorilla Run. It had rained off and on all morning, plus the hill was ...

Hummer H2 @ Racing-Days Wackersdorf, Germany 2010
short video of my H2 on display at the 1st car show of the 2010 season. I picked up a Top 25 Trophy.

2015 drive GMC vs HUMMER H2 racing
Hummer won.