Honda Sabre Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Stock Honda V65 Sabre 1100 quarter mile
My 2nd time down the track ever, rt .027 60' 1.867 330 5.053 1/8 7.704 @ 92.40 mph 1/4 12.027 @ 112.07 not too bad for a first!!!

Honda Shadow Sabre Cobra Dragster exhaust
a clip of my bike with new Cobra Dragster pipes installed! Don't worry, you'll hear me coming now!

2012 Honda Sabre Stock Exhaust No Baffles
This is a video of my stock exhaust after I took two of the four baffles out of each muffler. I had been looking everywhere for a video to see if I wanted to do it or not ...

2004 Honda Shadow Sabre installed Cobra Dragsters exhaust
Before and after Cobra exhaust installed.

DynoJet Carb Jet Kit Install Honda Shadow 1100 (UPGRADES PART: 2)
Doing the carburetor rejet for the drag pipe exhaust so the bike will not be too lean. Use what dynojet specifies. dynojet carb kit honda shadow spirit 1100 2002.

1983 Honda V65 Magna...Betcha my 30+ yr old bike is faster than yours
This is about 65% of what this bike can do as far as acceleration... Not bad for being 32 years old!!

Harley vs. Honda VTX
1/8 mile drag strip. Harley is in the far lane (left lane).

Freddie Spencer (1984 GP bike) Vs 300ZX Nissan Vs Honda 700 Sabre |
Great Retro video of Freddie Spencer racing a street bike anda street car over 1 lap of Laguna Seca. 'Fast Freddie' gives them a massive head start as well- will ...

Honda Shadow 1100 Cobra Drag Pipes - Baffles vs Straight (SOUND/TONE)
Bike picked up a ton of torque straight piped - just a little comparison video of the cobra slash cut drag pipes with the supplied baffles vs straight pipes. quite a ...

Honda Fury vs Stateline
Kevin rides two similar Hondas with very different attitudes.

Honda Fury vs Harley Rocker C
Honda's new Fury is the most serious attempt to out-Harley Harley. But does it? MCN rides to a Harley stronghold to find out... Love this video? Don't forget to ...

Cobra Drag Pipes Install Honda Shadow 1100 (UPGRADES PART: 3)
putting some cobra slash cut drag pipes from amazon on my honda shadow spirit 1100. sounds ten times better even though the sound quality in the vid is poor.