Honda Sabre Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2000 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100 1/4 mile drag race
First of all, let me say that this video will be edited down. There will also be a video replacing it that is an actual edited version with a collection of videos. So hate ...

Kawasaki GPZ900R vs Honda V65 Magna

Boxster S vs. Honda Sabre 1100 1/4 mi. Drag
Which is faster? We pitted a Porsche Boxster S against a Honda Sabre Shadow 1100. Its a little shaky, but you can see the winner. This video was uploaded ...

2004 Honda Shadow Sabre installed Cobra Dragsters exhaust
Before and after Cobra exhaust installed.

Honda Shadow 1100 Cobra Drag Pipes - Baffles vs Straight (SOUND/TONE)
Bike picked up a ton of torque straight piped - just a little comparison video of the cobra slash cut drag pipes with the supplied baffles vs straight pipes. quite a ...

Drag race Shadow Ace 750 vs Aero 1100
200lbs me vs my 125lbs girlfriend.

Shadow Sabre VT1100 Burnout
Burnout with a 2003 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100.

Honda Shadow Sabre (VT1100) Demonstrations
Two demonstrations of bike under normal operations and two demonstrations of bike's performance from a rolling start.

2001 Honda Shadow Sabre Cobra Exhaust
Selling this bike for a friend and showing off the exhaust.

How to wheelie 420kg Honda Gold Wing
Bomber Magazine chief editor and Dusters stunt team rider Janne Uskali shows GoldWing owner how you can pull wheelies on heavy (420kg) monster Honda.

2005 Honda Shadow Saber 1100 Test Drive
this 2005 Honda Saber is for sale at the cool thing about the honda saber is that its not a V twin its actually a V4, and its got alot of torque and is a ...

DynoJet Re-Jet & Cobra Drag Pipes Install & How-To Honda Shadow 1100
A video of me removing the carb and installing the dynojet jet kit along with some cobra drag pipes on the old 2002 honda shadow 1100 after it got layed down.