Honda RC51 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2001 Honda RC51 1/8th mile Drag Races

2001 Honda RC51 Drag Race 1/8th mile Best of 7.7 @

RC51 at the drag strip
This was my first time at the drag strip with my RC51, Just trying to get the feel for it. Best time of the day was 11.507.

Knee dragging & racing the RC51 rvt honda at the DMV track
Riding the RC51 around the DMV course getting close to some knee dragging action.

2001 Honda Rc 51 Drag Race 1/8th mile best time 7.

My 2009 Yamaha R1 vs my buddies 2006 Honda RC51
R1 is geared -1 front +1 rear, Yoshimura 3/4 exhaust, PCV and other non-power related mods RC51 is geared down (can't remember tooth count) has Sato ...

RVT1000 vs. VTR1000f dyno drags
RC51 vs. Superhawk dyno drags. Me racing a friend on the dyno @ Carlisle bike fest.

rc51 alex Mr slow (in a straight line) vs gsxr1000
Byron No time shown to protect the SLOW!

fast 05 rc 51.

Drag Race!!!

RC51 Vs Gsxr 750
First time ever Drag racing and his also i in far lane. Reaction time eh sure but sure was fun.

VTR SP1 Drag
Motocykl szuka nowego właściciela - 15 tysięcy i jest Twój . Honda VTR SP 1 built In 2000. Want to see it- looks like that ! REAL!!! The nerd who made it wanted ...