Honda RC51 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Drag Racing the RC51

RC51 at the drag strip
This was my first time at the drag strip with my RC51, Just trying to get the feel for it. Best time of the day was 11.507.

2001 Honda RC51 Drag Race 1/8th mile Best of 7.7 @

SP1 drag racing eastern creek wsid 4

2001 Honda RC51 1/8th mile Drag Races


Drag Racing Kawasaki zx6r 2003 vs Honda VTR 1000 1/8 miles
Me on my kawasaki zx6r 2003 vs my friend on his honda vtr 1000 drag racing 1/8 miles st-élie, Québec, Canada.

2001 RC51 1/4mile wheelie
2009 Miramichi NB Wheely Race Qualifying. Lots of other bike wheely vids on my channel as well.

Honda RC-51 drag racing

Honda RC51 SP2 So Cool at Vietnam
Honda RC51 SP2 So Cool at Vietnam.

Honda RC51 SP2 2004
Honda RC51 SP2 2004.

Honda RC51 vs Audi Rs2 vs Yamaha r1 Turbo
The title pretty says it all.