Honda Insight Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight - Drag race Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight driven - iMOTOR.

K24 All Motor Honda Insight Drag Race - 11.4 @ 123mph - Black Sheep Squad IFO NED
Black Sheep Squad made their way up to New England Dragway in Epping, NH for Import Face Off on 5/5/13 and made some fast passes. I know the car has ...

Bisimoto Insight, 6.1 run, at Match Race Madness, Barona, CA
The Bisimoto 2006 all motor insight houses a 1991 F22a Honda accord engine, with a slew of unique Bisimoto parts. This naturally aspirated unibody race car ...

Civic vs Honda Insight: Is it Turbo or All Motor?

Honda Insight at Lebanon Drag Way
Video of Insight at Opening day in Lebanon drag way.

10 sec DnR insight CMI SVP
CMI north vs south 2012 sacramento raceway park 2000 honda insight k24/k20 skunk2 cams Six sigma header kraftwerks c38 charger dnr performance.

Bisimoto Engineering Honda Insight @ IDRC West Coast Nationals
This is footage at the IDRC West Coast National in 2009. The 2006 Insight chassis: 455hp naturally aspirated SOHC F22 non-vtec honda engine runs on a ...

Bisimoto Engineering Honda Insight @ IDRC West Coast Nationals 2009
World's fastest unibody All-Motor FWD drag car Some preview footage of it racing at the IDRC West Coast Nationals 2009. More to come in DSPORT DVD #10.

Electric Chevelle and Honda Insight Drag Race
A 1/8 mile drag race between an Electric Chevelle and a Honda Insight in Denton, Texas. For more on the Chevelle, see . Looking for ...

Drag Racing
Honda Insight(F22 non vtec (16:1)vs. vw bugg honda ran a best 9.8 that day.

Honda Insight K24
Drag K24 Honda Insight using our dyno here at SRMotorcars.

Frank-Insight 1.wmv
And now for something completely different... A Hybrid Hybrid! This is a new project. We have taken a 2000 Honda Insight and installed a 2003 Acura TL Type S ...