Honda FIT Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

honda FIT drag racing
Stock FIT at the track.

Honda Jazz 1.5v stock vs EK Civic
a day at the track. Batangas Racing Circuit.

Honda Fit vs Dodge
Honda Fit Stock vs Dodge drag racing.

Road Race Honda Fit
We check out Pattarapong Heatanurak's bad ass Fit that takes on the competition on the track.

Honda fit turbo vs ef civic sedan
1/8 mile Both cars 9.6.

Honda Fit/Jazz Vs Suzuki Swift Sport Drag Racing
Honda Fit/Jazz Vs Suzuki Swift Sport Drag Racing.

Pulsar 220 vs Honda Jazz - Drag Race | MotorBeam does India's first drag race between a car and a motorcycle as the Honda Jazz diesel takes on the Bajaj Pulsar 220 in a quarter-mile ...

Honda Fit VS Mustang in the 1/8th

Honda Fit Drag Racing, "Битва Клубов", Минусинская взлетка, 16.08.2015
16.08.2015 на Минусинской взлетке состоялась "Битва Клубов", дружеские заезды на 402метра среди различных клубов...

My 2015 Honda Jazz GK L15 on a practice run (Drag)
Engine modifications: J's Racing Headers And Kakimoto Exhaust Suspension: BC Coilovers Tires: Federal 595 205/45 16s (front), 205 50 (rear) for the most part ...

Honfa Fit vs Mazda 3. City Race
Honda Fit 1.5 versus Mazda 3 1.5 in the city race. At the start of the race Honda Fit is forging ahead. But Mazda 3 comes first to the finish line.

Honda Fit Team Georgia
Fit Trevel Start.