Honda Element Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

TC Performance Honda Element: Turbocharged Honda goodness!
The TC Performance Turbo Element otherwise known as the Hellement. This was from the Quaker State event back in 2008 at Bandimere Speedway. This is for ...

Drifting Honda Element at racewaypark Nopi Event 08

Bandi 08 fast Honda element
honda element.

honda element k24 i-vtec burnout, 2 step strart up
honda element k24 2.4L i-vtec start up burnout 0-45 2 step having some fun before it was gone haha TAGS TAGS++++ WATH THIS plummer speedway on the ...

RWD Honda Element vs Nissan 350z Tandem Drifting
Honda Element converted to RWD drifting against Brailles 350Z.

Drifting Honda Element?
Yeh, thats right! who said honda can't drift!!! This honda had a conversion from fwd to rwd! Yup, now it drifts!!!

Drifting Honda Element
This is from NOPI drift and its a Honda Element with a RWD conversion with a turbo S2000 engine swap.

mustang gt vs honda element
a mustang destroying an element at street heat.

Ford Focus Sedan vs. Turbocharge Honda Element
Mildy modified Ford Focus Sedan vs. Turbocharge Honda Element doing a quater mile at Houston Raceway Park.

Nopi -Drifting Skyline-Honda Element-Solstice-Nissan

Honda Element Vs Hyundai Genesis
Drag Race pista Mech Tech Element 4x4 -exhaust -intake Genesis 2.0T.

Honda Element vs. Honda Civic
Honda Element vs. Honda Civic at Bandimere Speedway in Lakewood Colorado. This was the super mod category with times being faster than 15 seconds.