Honda Civic-Hybrid Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Toyota Prius v.s. Honda Civic Hybrid
2008 Toyota Prius comprting agienst a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid.

Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight - Drag race Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight driven - iMOTOR.

Honda Jazz 1.5v stock vs EK Civic
a day at the track. Batangas Racing Circuit.

My 2010 Honda Civic Si - 13.93 @ 102mph
13's on street tires! 3rd time out to the track, I started out at a 14.2 my first visit, 14.0 my second. 3rd time is the charm! *Mods Below* 2010 FG2 Civic Si, stock ...

honda civic turbo drag race on board video
2.0 dohc vtec turbo hungary's fastest 2 wheel drive car in 2008.

2007 civic SI(FG2) Vs 2008 civic SI(FA5)
My FBO and tuned SI coupe vs my cousins Fa5. His SI has hybrid racing CAI, j37 tb, skunk2 alpha header, drag cartel DIC cams, full race exhaust, type R oil ...

My Supercharged Civic Si vs 2012 Mustang 5.0
Mustang driver messed up which worked to my advantage. They get off the line so good though. Gotta get grip in my 1st/2nd to be able to take them regularly.

Audi S3 R29 GTX4202 Hybrid vs Honda Civic EG B16a2 GT3582
The full specs list of both of the cars is actually endless.. Especially the one of the Audi's! It is tuned by Monster Performance. What actually happened on the ...

Honda Civic Type R vs VW Golf R - Top Gear: Drag Races
Welcome to Top Gear: Drag Races! It's time for two very different takes on the hot-hatch formula to face off but who will win...? Check out more at: ...

2000 Civic Type R K20 swap HybridRacing
Just out for a "cruise" with the GoPro 2000 Civic Type R Stock untuned 02 K20A2 Was running stock k20a2 map in kpro RBC intake manifold Hybrid Racing ...

Vit Tuned Civic Sis Dyno Pulls
Eric's and Jay's Civic Sis at Black Market Racing on the Dynamic Dyno. Eric's Engine Mods (251 HP / 164 TQ) 3.5" Hybrid Racing CAI J37 TB Ported RBC Drag ...

Honda Civic Drag Racing 12-6-2013
Friday night drag racing at QUALCOMM stadium 1/8 mile drag strip made this video of just fast Honda civic's even one was right hand drive. The Honda Civic is ...