Honda Civic-CRX Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

10sec All Motor Honda CRX
CSCS Drag Racing Event Sept 25th 2011 Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga Ontario.

Honda Civic CRX vs Civic Del Sol - 1/4 Mile Drag Race Viertelmeile Rennen Acceleration Sound
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NOT EVEN Trying - 10 Second Turbo Honda CRX Drag Race 10.99 @ 131mph
Rolling it out to a 10.99 @ 131mph, this car has a lot more in it. New England Dagway's Import WARS. Epping, NH. Unknown engine and turbo setup.

Honda CRX Turbo 9.58 1/4 Mile Drag Race

Honda CRX Turbo [Drag Race] 1/4 Mile Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - 2007 - 09 - 08-09 [KiskunLacházi Gyorsulási Verseny És Red ...

BMW 328i VS Honda Civic CRX - 1/4 Mile Drag Race Viertelmeile Rennen E36 Acceleration SICK SOUND
Insane Civic Sound !!! Best BMW Onboard Video : M5 E60 Acceleration Sound : M3 E92 vs C63 AMG ...

golf iii vr6 vs honda civic crx turbo drag race

Honda Civic B20 [280 BHP] Vs. Honda CRX Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - Tököl [2007 - 10 - 27] 1/4 Mile.

Mid engine RWD conversion b20 turbo Honda CRX build, drag racing
A short video of the build, dyno, some burnouts and drag racing of my mid engine turbo b20 rear wheel drive crx that I built.

Toyota Supra on Drag Slicks vs Built Honda CRX

Honda Civic B20 Vs. Honda CRX Del Sol Drag Race 1/4 Mile Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - Tököl [2008 - 05 - 31] 1/4 Mile.

1995 Honda Civic CX - The Boost Box - 2013 IMSCC Competitor
Mod list and photos: Guillaume Marceau and his 1995 Honda Civic will be competing in the Import Meet Street Car ...