Honda Civic-CRX Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

DRAG RACE: Honda Civic Type-R vs Honda CR-X
hat happens when you take Honda's fastest production hatchback to date and pit it against a 25 year old CR-X built for the strip? We thought it would be ...

NOT EVEN Trying - 10 Second Turbo Honda CRX Drag Race 10.99 @ 131mph
Rolling it out to a 10.99 @ 131mph, this car has a lot more in it. New England Dagway's Import WARS. Epping, NH. Unknown engine and turbo setup.

H2B Swapped Honda CRX Drag (best time 11.6 @117)
Thumbnail pic credit @ridelow_shifthard.

Turbo Honda CRX vs ALL - Arizona STREETS
Hondas get their fair share of trash talk, but what some don't realize is that once you bolt a turbo onto one of these tiny little 1.8L engines…they can make GOBS ...

Honda CRX vs Lotus Elise drag race
Drag Racing Moldova 2016. Stage 1. Honda CRX vs Lotus Elise drag race. Thanks for watching and don't miss to subscribe to my YouTube channel! YouTube ...

Turbo CIVICS vs Twin Turbo LAMBORGHINI!?
Here's a matchup you don't see very often on 1320Video! You've seen this nasty turbo K20 Honda Civic on our channel before tearing up the streets with his ...

1000hp '89 Honda Civic!?
Jeff Lutz Jr's CRAZY 1989 Honda Civic project has finally been completed, this 434ci V8 small block equipped monster paired with twin 76mm turbos definitely ...

10sec All Motor Honda CRX
CSCS Drag Racing Event Sept 25th 2011 Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga Ontario.

2016 HONDA Drag Racing Arad Compilation - Crx Vt Civic Turbo Eg6 ED Ek4 EF Fn2 Type R RTSI Turbo
2016 HONDA Drag Racing Arad Compilation - Civic Turbo Eg6 ED Ek4 EF Fn2 Type R RTSI- D16 B16 B18 K20 Thumb by Drag Racing Events Romania Civic ...

Import drag racing PA-FWD Quick class Honda Subaru IDRC Palmdale 2005
Race cars at IDRC Palmdale, 2005. This is import drag racing, featuring Mike Laskey, Eric Del Rosario, Brian Bridges, Ricky DeLaCruz, and Jason Ames.


180mph 1000hp Honda Civic│TPR Turbo Track Beast Drag Racing
1000hp sub 9 second 180mph Honda Civic built by TPR (Total Performance Racing) on the drag strip for Import face-Off at National Trails Raceway in Hebron ...