Honda CR-V Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Honda CR-V turbo SLEEPER
The Honda CR-V isn't something anyone would expect to see on any race track. Built at home, Daniel's first generation example has been taken to another level. The factory 2L B20 engine has...

Nissan-Skyline vs Honda-CR-V
Drag-Racing Khabarovsk Kalinka 2008 stage 1 Максимов vs xxxxxx.

honda cr-v vs honda civic
my honda crv: b20z stock honda civic: d16 intake,exhaust,.... 1/8 mile drag race.

ESC Heathcote Drag Day 2011 Eric CRV v FG GS Ute

MMC Lancer Evolution vs Honda CR-V
Drag-Racing Khabarovsk Kalinka 2008 stage 1.

Nyce1s - Honda Odyssey VS Honda CRV @HDAY Atco....
Ever wonder which will get you to the grocery store faster? Lol. Checkout this quick video as a Honda Odyssey and Honda CR-V go at it for a couple runs at HDAY Atco.... Checkout Nyce1s at...

2017 Race of Remembrance: Racing a Honda CR-V
Every year the Race of Remembrance sees a variety of cars tackle Anglesey race track. This year a Honda CR-V took the challenge. SUBSCRIBE! Remembrance Sunday, or Veterans...

Turbo CIVICS vs Twin Turbo LAMBORGHINI!?
Here's a matchup you don't see very often on 1320Video! You've seen this nasty turbo K20 Honda Civic on our channel before tearing up the streets with his super lightweight chassis and...

Driver B stock CRV vs 818 Racing Camaro $1,000 Street Race
818 Racing 6th gen all motor Camaro @itsnacho Vs Driver B turbo CRV Htfu Camaro FTW Follow us on instagram for more @818_1320.

Street racing! C6, Z28, WRX, turbo CRV, LS swapped Porsche, and more!

H2B Swapped Honda CRX Drag (best time 11.6 @117)
Thumbnail pic credit @ridelow_shifthard.

Special Thanks To Jerry From Api. B20vtec Quick 1/4 Mile And Highway Pull. Full Interior with Heat A/c Powersteering. ...