Geo Tracker Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Geo Tracker Race Truck
Geo Tracker Race Truck at Evadale.

Turbo Ford GEO TRACKER launches HARD on spray!
This Ford SVO 2.3L Turbo swapped Geo Tracker moves out the hole with some nitrous assist.

TINY Geo Tracker - BIG TURBOS! (454 Chevy Small Block LOL)
PROJECT SAMSQUANCH - A Geo Tracker with a parachute, will NEVER get old to us! This is one of those cars thats just so out there, that we had to laugh ...

Big 3 Racing - "Project Samsquanch" Twin Turbo Geo Tracker at Piston Power Show
One of the highlights from #LIVEfromtheSHOP Episode 3 - Rick from Big 3 Racing talks with Vinnie about his Project Samsquanch, a twin turbo '95 Geo Tracker ...

10 second geo tracker drag race
10.3 @ 132.

INSANE Chevy Powered Geo Tracker!!!! 2015 Slammin & Jammin
This is one badass Geo Tracker... You see lots of nitrous fed, built to the hilt Chevy 350's in a lot of builds at car shows, but I doubt you've ever seen one in a Geo ...

Best Geo Tracker Drag Race
A Green 16V Auto vs. a Red 8V 5 speed goinn at it in 4WD Low...

Geo Metro's Drag Racing

LS powered Geo Tracker at LVMS drag race

8-sec Big Turbo 2JZ Tacoma Truck
2JZ Swapped '93 Tacoma rips into the 8s with its Big Turbo & Nitrous at Import Face Off Atco!

Penny Days Pt. 2
Cash Pot 14 Cars 1 Winner Sorry about some of the angles. Cameras were set before going to the lanes so there were a couple of mix ups. If you want to see a ...

El Megaton ( Geo Tracker Turbo ) Mobile
El Megaton the 2.3 Turbo Tracker from MEGATON PERFORMANCE running a 6.2 at Lakeland, FL. Driver: Ismael Perez Pit man: Jose Rodriguez Video: Maelo ...