Geo Storm Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Modified Geo Storm BIG BLOCK street legal TIME TRIALS
W and crew take the storm to Chandler Indiana to run it in some time trials first run without transbrake was 7.06 in 1/8 mile at 99mph best run was 6.92.

Turbo Geo Metro dragstrip (Seriously)
Turbo 1992 Geo Metro LSI.

Modified Geo Storm BIG BLOCK street legal MUSIC VIDEO
Just a music video I put 2gether to pay thanx to all song is by reo speedwagon.

drag racing demo cars before derby #4
Mark in '93 Buick Roadmaster, auto, Matt in 89 Honda accord, 4spd, Joe in '92 Geo Storm, 4 spd, Dad in '94 Saturn, 4spd...doing a little drag racing before the ...

honda civic hatchback vs geo storm 1.8
1/4 mile drag race raceing pista hermanos duarte sonoyta sonora mexico carreras arrancones street race.

Super Fast TURBO Geo Metro
Geo Metro with Buick GNX engine, turbo, and nitrous.

Geo Metro Turbo vs Honda Civic
1993 Geo Metro Turbo. My first race at the track and toying with the civic. Turbine tech performance manifold, RHB5 turbo, 2.5in exhaust straight piped, 255cc ...

$100 Geo Storm?!
What Could Go Wrong? Stickers


Geo vs Tony supra drag
Geo in black, Tony in Gray.

10 Second Geo Storm
Geo Storm runs 10 seconds 1/4 mile with plenty of modifications.

RS powerd geo storm VS. Olds
me and my buddy at the midnights he should of had me i wouldn't have gotten to race if i didn't have such a cool boss.