Geo Prizm Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Geo Prizm Drag Race
me drag racing my goe prizm, hahaha whats the point right?

93 Geo Prizm Race Car Custom (no exhaust) sound clip
COMMENT & RATE PLEASE!!!!!!This is a quick video i took while we were painting the car of my brothers Raceway Park car that he races at Raceway in ...

Turbo Geo Metro dragstrip (Seriously)
Turbo 1992 Geo Metro LSI.

tFr Geo Prizm
This car's fastest run @ RMR. Turbo setup, ran 1.8 secs faster than with the Super Charger set up.

Jaccs - Geo Prism Vs. Toyota Corolla

Me vs. Pat
Pats Geo Prizm vs. Me.

Jaccs - Geo Prism Vs. Toyota Corolla
Street Legal Drags - Carolina Plains Raceway - Jaccs Club.

Geo Metro Turbo vs Honda Civic
1993 Geo Metro Turbo. My first race at the track and toying with the civic. Turbine tech performance manifold, RHB5 turbo, 2.5in exhaust straight piped, 255cc ...

Geo Metro passes Lamborghini on race track
Autobahn Country Club event. LemonAid racing's Geo Metro caught sight of a new Gallardo Spyder on track and hunted it down.

Super Fast TURBO Geo Metro
Geo Metro with Buick GNX engine, turbo, and nitrous.

Turbo Geo Metro Dyno Day
Took the rally car to the dyno to tune for the turbo. Car is a 1995 1 liter, 3 cylinder. Stock is about 45hp at the wheels (55 at the crank) Came away with 93hp on ...

Honda civic turbo vs Lamborghini Aventador LP700
Fastest Honda Civic Turbo at Autodrome gets the red paint melted off his fenders with a horrible loss to a total Stock Lamborghini Aventador LP700. The owner ...