Geo Prizm Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Geo Prizm Drag Race
me drag racing my goe prizm, hahaha whats the point right?

93 Geo Prizm Race Car Custom (no exhaust) sound clip
COMMENT & RATE PLEASE!!!!!!This is a quick video i took while we were painting the car of my brothers Raceway Park car that he races at Raceway in ...

Replacing A Timing Belt On A 95 Geo Prism
Get oil based paint pens for marking timing or vacuum hoses: ...

Geo Prizm High Idle: Thermostat Replacement
I just got a 1997 Geo Prizm off a friend of mine. It had a high idle and the temperature gauge was not really getting up to its optimal temperature. It would hover ...

1993-2002 Chevy Geo Prizm-Toyota Corolla. Help to replace the timming belt.
A good look at the timming belt and some tips. The bottom pully comes off by hand, the cover is plastic, I used PBblaster spray and tapped on it with a small ...

Interior door handle replacement in a 93-97 Toyota Corolla/Geo Prizm
This is just a quick video on how to replace the interior door handle on a 93-97 Toyota Corolla/Geo Prizm. If I recall correctly, this is the same for the 88-92 ...

CV axle replacement on a Chevrolet Geo Prizm, Toyota Corolla - Auto Repair Series
CV axle replacement: 60 to 90 minutes ($30 / $170 / $280) In this video I replaced the CV axle on a 1998 Chevrolet Prizm. I'm pretty sure this is the same ...

Geo Prizm vs. Honda 400ex race 2
i dont wanna hear any shit, i sliped to much off the line and missed second gear because my walmart shif knob broke off in my hand. Thank you walmart.

Geo prizm turbo idling after first startup
Geo prizm idling after first startup. Better quality than other video. Hope to have another vid soon.

Toyota 1.6/1.8L Oil Burning -'96 Geo Prizm -Part 2 of 4
Join me on this Christmas Special as I attempt to cure a chronic oil-burning problem on this '96 Geo Prizm with almost 240k miles on the clock. The procedures ...

1997 Geo Prizm LSi (Corolla) Exhaust fly by!
tSudo Full exhaust, Option Racing Headers (Heat wrapped), Short ram intake, gutted trunk, Aftermarket 16inch wheels. 1.8L 7A-FE motor, Automatic.... :(

Mustang GT vs Geo Prizm w/ 32psi
Ford Mustang vs Geo prizm.