GMC Sonoma Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

GMC Sonoma [11.4@203] 1/4 Mile Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Belgium - Brustem [King Of Europe West] 2008 - 06 - 22 1/4 Mile.

Street Outlaws Sonoma testing
BigRob Entertainment

Daddy Dave (Sonoma) vs Monza (Camaro) from Street Outlaws WF no prep race.
No prep drag racing in Wichita Falls Texas.

a guy eating in his jeep during drag race against a gmc sonoma

EC4WD Drags - Ecotec - GMC Sonoma - Kempton PA 6/19/10
Kempton Fairgrounds 6-19-10.

GMC Sonoma V8 Nitrous Mud Drag

Pro Street Blown supercharged Sonoma drag truck,S10
1995 GMC Sonoma drag truck,S10 small block GM, 650 dbl. pumpers, 6-71 supercharger BLOWN 486 gears,On pump gas.Took it off the dragstrip and put it on ...

xtreme lowz gmc sonoma dragging
a member of xtreme lowz dragging his sonoma at Inertia CC meet on 11-30-2006 boynton beach fl.

EC4WD Drags - Ecotec - GMC Sonoma - GO PRO IN CAR Camera - 6-19-10
Kempton Fairgrounds 6-19-10.

UNLEASHING the Power! GMC Typhoon Drag Race - *NEW Best 10.70 @ 126mph Fast SyTy
Matt Gero's Street Driven GMC Typhoon running a new best ET and MPH, then backing it up. 00:23 - 10.701 @ 126.87 MPH - New best ET and MPH 01:13 ...

Firebird 98 Vs Sonoma 2001 DRAG
Pontiac Firebird 98 3.8L 200hp vs GMC Sonoma 2001 double exhaust 4.3L Vortec 220hp.

3/25/2015 Wednesday Night Drags @ Sonoma Raceway - Gear Jammers
Gear Jammer category (manual shift / bracket drag racing) at Sonoma Raceway. *I just noticed I forgot the 'e' in Raceway for the intro. Oh well, too late to fix now.