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2005 Ford Mustang GT Saleen Supercharged 1/4 mile Drag Racing trap speed 0-60

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1/4 Mile ET: 11.427
1/4 Mile MPH: 119.920
1/8 Mile ET: 7.332
1/8 Mile MPH: 93.750
0-60 Foot ET: 1.613
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
Standing 1 Mile MPH:
Temperature F: 50.0
Density Altitude (DA): DA Calculator
Timeslip Scan: Ford Mustang Timeslip Scan
VBOX Graph:
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
VBOX Graph:
Car Make: Ford
Car Model: Mustang
Car Type: GT Saleen Supercharged
Car Year: 2005
Driver: Peter Mitas
E-Mail: Private
Videos: Mustang Videos
Web Site:

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Horsepower @ wheels:

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Torque @ wheels: 0.00
Dyno Type:
Dyno Graph: Ford Mustang Dyno Graph Results
Classifieds: Mustang For Sale
Parts: Mustang Parts

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 2005 Ford Mustang GT Saleen Supercharged


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More Comments:

Thats a really fast time for a basically stock GT. You got lucky and got a fast one.

(c nile)
a 1.77 60 foot on stock tires is hard to believe. Also 12.691 stock?? Is this a real time or wishfull thinking?

(Johnny Unitas)
Maybe Im just a old quaterback, but I know BS when I see it. Why did that last guy spend all that time listing those pointless mods? With full exhaust and pulleys I highly doubt those times. I think Canada has a bell curve on track times. It always seems that cars from Canada run 3 to 4 tenths quicker that ones from the US. I think you guys up there have a inferiority complex and have to make up for it with skewed numbers. Its ok EH! Either that or Napier is just a wicked fast track. Nice car either way. Oh yeah whoever wrote all those mods up above mentioned underdrives twice. Thats probally good for atleast two tenths!!

It's my car so this is the short version. The car has made over 600 1/4 mile runs to date. The first week I had the car it ran 13.65 @ 105 bone stock. I then added the C&L intake and 93 Octane Diablo tune and ran 13.25 at 3 different tracks. Napierville and Sanair QC. and Epping NH. Last September my friend sold me a set of BFG Drag Radials and after a couple of weeks I ran a 12.95. 2 weeks before the end of the season I installed the U/D Pulleys and ran a 12.821. The last weekend of the season I installed the JBA Longtube headers and Catted H-Pipe when I ran my 12.691. I will post more timeslips in the coming days on my cardomain site for all to see my tests and progression. I will be installing my Centerforce Dual Friction clurch, Fidanza Flywheel, and BMR K-Member in the next few weeks. 4.10 gears are already in.

(Johnny Unitas)
Cool beans. No disrespect my friend. There are some people on here that just post numbers, and thats it. Nothing to back it up, and when someones calls foul they dont respond. I appreciate your response and Im sure you put alot of time and money into your hobby. I know that an 05 in capable hands with those mods can run those #'s. I was just seeking a little info. Nice car and nice runs. Once again no disrespect. Someday Ill make my way to Napier and run it myself (unlucky for me Im in Buffalo NY!!). Ive seen other cars on here that are running quite a bit faster at Napier than a comparable car at a different. track. Must be the air up there!!

(c nile)
I am sorry but I just got to say that the times on cars from Napierville are hard to believe with the mods that are shown, plus 1/8 and 1/4 times plus 60' all don't really line up most of the time. I am sure that I will never be able to get to that area with my car, but if anyone of you are ever in Houston, Tx. please call Stritcly Performance and let us set up a race. With a comparable Texas Pony. Also you don't really have that much done to your car according to what you have listed. An exhaust change taking you from 12.821 to a 12.691 is impressive. The 4.10 gear will make a differance though. Good luck.(600 1/4 RUNS SURPRISED IT STILL RUNS WORTH A DAMN)

Our times are fast because of the weather conditions. Last night the weather at 10.00pm was Temp 39F Dewpoint 18F Sation Press.29.879"hg Density Altitude -1254.8'

(jeff 05 gt)
U need to order the Motoblue throttle body pick up alot better times with that look at rpmoutlet.com they got everything for are cars. And everyone else don't have the times

Mid twelves reads perfectly believable and doable.What is so hard to understand?Elevens are around the corner.

(Mike D)
you call 12.69 around the corner to 11's. Id call it aleast 7 blocks a way. Since when do mid 12's equal low 12's or high 11's not in my liftime. The only way 11's are around the corner are if a power adder or cams, head work is on the way. I also doubt 600 1/4 mile runs on the car. If so you probably need a new short block right about...................................................................................now!

Sorry, Until I see a video, a time slip that makes sense, or something to explain what the hell, then I say BS. I know what mustangs will do with certain mods, and some do run faster than others. What kind of tune??? MT ET streets what size?? no injector change for Blower??No pulley change ??Suspension Steda. Steda what coil overs, sub frames, struts??? I am sorry this is just another example of the Napierville track being unbelieveably fast. I don't care if it is cold as alaska.Darn I would love to see you run a texas mustang that we say runs 12.00 flat. I am not going to come up their, and you had better stay on your fast track so you never get embarased. Johnny Unitas you should go over from Buffalo and see if your car can pick up a sec. or two. Then let us know.As far as being disrespecful I am sorry just I see myself and others spend alot of time and money to make a car run, and it gives me a bad taste to see what I must admit seems hard to believe. Have said enough, and will now shut up.

(john panizo)
peter this guy tom is the same guy that said my 11.52 pass was bs because his 600 hp stang only runs 11.68 i told him to go to putfile.com and look under john oct21 it's there this guy has nothing better to do just because you can't drive don't hate on everyone else.

(Peter Mitas)
If you made the effort to look at my cardomain site you will see the complete list of parts that went into the car. I have better things to do with my life in the summer than to update my site with every little change. If you have any clue you would know that 4psi is the stock pulley on the Saleen blower. I'm running the JDM Engineering Stage II package which includes 39# injectors, a 90mm maf, a tune ect. If you don't know who JDM Engineering is you must live in a cave. Their full weight 06 ran 10.21 @ 134 at Fun Ford Weekend in Arizona last weekend. I haven't even had time to dyno my car yet so I'm still running their base street tune. Once the car is dyno'd I will get my race tune. As for the Steeda suspension the car is setup for full roadrace. The E.T Streets are 26 x 11.5 17\

Tom can go F...HimselfTo all this car is ligit.So go Cry to your Mommy if you dont Like it.

Engine: Stock
Supercharger: Saleen Series VI
Boost Control:
Boost Pressure (psi): 10 psi
Intercooler: Stock Saleen
Nitrous Kit/System:
Nitrous Shot:
Pistons (rotors):
Rings (seals):
Heads: Stock
Connecting Rods:
Throttle Body:
Intake & Air Filter: C&L
Headers / Downpipe: JBA Longtube


JBA Catted H-Pipe
Exhaust: Magnaflow

Computer ECU Chip Upgrade:
Spark Plugs: Ford Racing Zero Degree
Fuel Injectors: Ford 39#
Fuel Pump: GT500 Twin Pump Setup
Gas: 94 Octane Pump Gas
Pulley: 10 Psi GI Joe 8 Rib Kit
Transmission: Stock
Clutch/Torq Conv: Centerforce Dual Friction
Differential: FRPP Clutch Packs
Flywheel: Fidanza Aluminum
Shifter: Steeda Tri-Ax
Gears: FRPP 4.10
Suspension: Steeda
Wheels: (Street) Steeda 18 x 9.5 (Strip) Stock
Brake Rotors/Pads: Stock
Tires M/T E.T. Streets 26 x 11.5 17
Weight with driver (lbs): 0
Track: Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, NJ, USA
 Record Modified: November 11th, 2006

Additional parts, modifications, upgrades & information:
(0-60, weight, upgrades parts, etc...)

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