Ford ZX2-Escort Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Bad ass Escort ZX2
This ZX2 has been converted to rear wheel drive and has a 351 in it! This car is SWEET!!!

1998 Ford ZX2 Escort Turbo Drag Racing runs 13.9 @ 106 MPH

ZX2 with 408 ci V8 and Chevy Powerglide runs 10.6 at 130 mph
Previously powered by a 351 Windsor and C4 transmission, running 11.6, this Zx2 now has a 408 ci block and Chevy Powerglide and runs 10.6 at 130 mph.

zx2 vs Neon R/T
00 Zx2: Full race header, CAI, 2.5" exhaust, UDP 01 Neon R/T: CAI, 2.5" axle back exhaust Recorded in the sahara desert using a GoPro Hero3 1080p/60.

this is me racing in the s/r vs a 2003 mustang.

1999 ZX2 SR Drag Racing
Spring of 2006 if I recall. Just got the car on the road after some body work(as you see) and wanted to make some passes. 15.5@90 was the best run of the day.

STPmotorsports 545rwhp+ Escort GT
1993 545RWHP Escort GT. This car has a Ford Escort 1.8l DOHC engine. Old race clip of when it when it was FWD. Drivers licence 9sec pass @ Moroso. quick ...

RS8000 Drag Escort at Shakey
Driving through the pits.

my cousin mod ford zx2 vs my ford zx2
this is my cousin white zx2 vs me in my blue zx2 at the 1/4 mile in Guatemala...

ZX2 Drag Racing
This was taken back in Summer of 2005. Just having some fun, first time at the drag strip. After tweaking the shift points I managed 16.26@85. The car is an ...

zx2 vs white hatch
kansas city street racing.

ZX2 Hornet Win July 14, 2010
My first win racing. Woot!