New & Used Ford Pinto s for Sale & Classifieds

Feature your Ford Pinto for sale at the top of this list for only $15. Your ad will run for 6 months.

Ford PINTO for sale
Ford: PINTO Runabout 1974 pinto 347 stroker

Ford Pinto for sale
Ford: Pinto Wagon Cruiser Wagon Cruiser 1977 ford pinto cruiser wagon blue metallic

Ford Other for sale
Ford: Other 2 door wagon 1974 ford pinto base wagon 2 door 2.3 l

Ford Mustang for sale
Ford: Mustang Rallye Pinto Pinto, Vega, Astre, Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Subcompact, Compact

Ford Other for sale
Ford: Other Pickups 1976 ford pinto