Ford Pinto Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Swapped Ford Pinto Vs. Ford Mustang V8 | Drag Race
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2.3L Pinto Pulling a Tire
2.3L 1971 Ford Pinto pulls a tire on a 9.79sec @ 137mph.

Bad Ass Pinto Quailifying
Here is another video for all you Chevy powered pinto lovers. Or if u just like the Chevy power. (Please Comment)

1974 Ford Pinto Wheelie at the Drag Strip: Team Chinto
Chris Pearce brought his 1974 Ford Pinto to the Byron Wheelstand Contest in 2016 and ended up winning the tallest wheelie of the day for the event. This 1974 ...

Cory Heckenlaible of Freeman South Dakota, pilots his Uncle Robert Heckenlaible's '73 Pinto and puts the Pinto in the air and wins Most Photogenic at Byron ...

1973 Ford Pinto Wagon Drag Racing 11-6-2015
Friday night drag racing at QUALCOMM stadium 1/8 mile drag strip this 1973 ford pinto wagon powered by a Mitsubishi engine.

1971 Ford Pinto Rick Reynolds Drag Racing 10-24-2014
Friday night drag racing at QUALCOMM stadium 1/8 mile drag strip.A regular at barona drag strip rick Reynolds at racelegal Friday night. RaceLegal, the safer ...

Ford Pinto Vs Mustang Notchback Fox Body Quarter Mile Drag Race
I thought you might like a look at these two Fords going at it. As you can see, both cars are plenty quick. They easily run in the 10's in the quarter. This was filmed ...

Hot Rod's Drag Week Ford Pinto Runs 5.18 @ 141 mph with a twin turbo LS1 motor KCIR
My brothers low 8 second Pinto made a low 5 second pass on 275 60 15 drag radials.

insanely fast pinto sand dragster.

Ford Pinto 421cid 5.656 @ 123.97mph
Ford Pinto 421cid 5.656@123.97mph at the 3rd round of the Icelandic championship in drag racing, July 25 2015.

Pinto's first drag race in years!!
Sunshine Coast Drag Races The Old Pinto out of hiding and running again!! How many of you have been looking for this one?