Ford LTD Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Coupe Performance builds some of the baddest cars out! Much love to CP! And Akrite definitely was not playing the radio! For ANY performance work from tuning, engine builds, rear end builds,...

Betty White Out-Launches a GTR!
Betty White is a classy lady, making it a fitting name for a cozy ol' Turbo Ford LTD! Pulling up the track looking like you borrowed Grandma's car and leaving peoples faces in awe when...

The mad porter's Ford LTD drag racing 2
David 8 20@84 5.

1971 ltd drag
new slicks -- 1.8 60 foot.-- 11;71@119mph edged out the 68 camaro next to me.He ran a 12.0 .Car ran 11.69 later that night.

1972 Ford LTD Race - Hoskovice.wmv
1/4 mile in Hoskovice 2005 - 17,9 sec. :-) Excellent "dragster" time :-)) Now my LTD is sold....but in very good was very reliable and silent dinosaurus and we did also long holiday...

Whippled LTD LX Runs 9.84 at 140 mph
Our first hit of the night. It spun to a 1.50 60', but still threw down a decent number. This was on Q16 fuel and 19* of timing, but still driven to and from the track.

Whippled LTD LX Runs a 10.2 @ 134.9
Still dialing in the belt slip and launch. The interior view of this pass is here:

Coupe Perfomance LTD vs Mustang
This video is about Untitled Project.

1985 LTD LX first drive! project update......Budget Fox Body Mustang Drag Car
We havent forgotten this heap! Well guys i've been sitting on this video for awhile in hopes of adding a little more to it (sorry its kinda short) but the Trojan has been killing me time wise...

The mad porter's Ford LTD drag racing 1
David 8 20@84 31.

The mad porter's Ford LTD drag racing 3
David 8.47@84 51.

The mad porter's Ford LTD drag racing 4
David no time1.