Ford LTD Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1972 Ford LTD Race - Hoskovice.wmv
1/4 mile in Hoskovice 2005 - 17,9 sec. :-) Excellent "dragster" time :-)) Now my LTD is sold....but in very good was very reliable and silent dinosaurus ...

1971 ltd drag
new slicks -- 1.8 60 foot.-- 11;71@119mph edged out the 68 camaro next to me.He ran a 12.0 .Car ran 11.69 later that night.

Ford LTD turbo street SLEEPER
The Australian Ford LTD FD series released in 1982 was available in both a 5.8L V8 and 4.1L 6-cylinder as a luxury family car. By 1984 the V8 option was ...

Ford LTD 8th Mile Drag race

1982 Ford LTD 2 door 302 / AOD / 3:73 gear 100hp nitrous, first time on spray.

Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode #85: 1965 Ford LTD R-Code 427 Video
This week, we move off the mark from the typical Muscle Car into the world of mid 1960's luxury sedans, only to find that this 1 of 3 ever built 1965 Ford Galaxie ...

Whippled LTD LX Runs a 10.2 @ 134.9
Still dialing in the belt slip and launch. The interior view of this pass is here:

LTD Crown Victoria Drag Race
This is a drag race from 2004 featuring my customized LTD Crown Victoria in St. Thomas, Ontario. Video shot by Adam Reinke.


Ford LTD 4L turbo
Ali's Ford LTD went a best pass of 10.86 at 126mph, going as fast as 131mph on 255 radials and BP98 fuel. The car is powered by a Tunnel Vision SOHC 4L ...

1979 Ford LTD vs Mitsubishi Eclipse Dragrace
A 1979 Ford LTD vs a Mitsubishi Eclipse at Kansas City International Raceway, KCIR.

These Cars Show LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING - Sleeper Status!
We're giving away a GoPro this month! This time, we head out to the 405 for a Street Car Takeover event that was sporting its fair ...