Ford Granada Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1978 Ford Granada in car 1/8 mile drag race
my 1978 ford granada with a 302 and T5 racing my friends 1975 firbird with a 455 V8. The granada has a mild cam, longtube open headers, edelbrock intake ...

Ford nationals 2011 Granada Drag Racing
Ford Nationals 2011 Alastaro Circuit Ford Granada V8 drag racing runs.

AG motorsport 1200bhp granada drag race focus cosworth gatebil 2008

Ford Granada v8 turbo
Ford Granada.

1978 Ford Granada vs. 1984 Ford Mustang 1/8 mi Drag Race
Me racing my friend's Mustang. Both have 302 v8's and T5 transmissions. I had slicks on in this video.

stevieturbo ford granada
ford granada 9.85 @ 144.75mph 1/4 mile, santa pod july 2008.

A Ford Granada with 351 Windsor V8 from Norway duk

ford granada 02
MK2 granada at Santa Pod Oct 06 10.22 @ 149.36mph 1/4 mile.

ford granada 03
MK2 granada at Santa Pod Oct 06 10.25 @ 141mph 1/4 mile, missed 4th gear.

Ford Granada runs 10.06 at 152 mph
VW Action '16 - Santa Pod Raceway - I have no information on this Granada that was putting down some serious times throughout the weekend, if anyone ...

Ford Granada Santa Pod
Next run was better until fucking clutch started slipping and fucked the run.

TOTB ford granada
TOTB ford granada.