Ford Festiva Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

rear turbo festiva vs mustang
turbo festiva 1/4 mile. 12.53 @110mph 18 lbs of boost bithlo 4-1-12.

2008 Saleen S281 vs. Ford Festiva Turbo
2008 Saleen S281 vs. Ford Festiva Turbo.

Turbo ford festiva b6t swap.
car had two fould plugs produced by blow by. Engine will be replaced soon.

World's fastest festiva

1990 Ford Festiva Turbo
This is a compilation of drag racing footage of my old 1990 Festiva, in which I had swapped a 155whp Mazda 1.6L "B6T" engine out of an '88 Mazda 323GT.

World's Fastest Festiva
11.78 115mph.

1989 Ford Shogun - Jay Leno's Garage
It started as a Festiva… until Chuck Beck and Rick Titus mounted a Ford SHO V6 in the rear, and Jay decided to inject a little nitrous. » Subscribe: ...

Worlds fastest festiva.
10-26-13 my festiva running at OSW.

1994 Ford Taurus SHO ATX vs. Ford Festiva Turbo Drag Race
1994 Ford Taurus SHO ATX 3.2 vs. a Turbo Ford Festiva. Both are 16 second cars.

Boosted Festiva, Blown Miata, Racing for fun.
Pro Autosport event Thanksgiving Weekend 2013. 1993 Ford Festiva B6t shaking it's tail with some pretty stiff Competition. Placed second in HL2 on saturday ...

Death of a B3 engine - Ford Festiva at Summit Motorsports Park
Ford Festiva at Summit July 1, 2017 at Roadkill Zip-tie Drags. Stock Mazda 1.3L drivetrain with a super-ghetto turbo setup built by TT Customs. Ran a 16.1 at 82 ...

BP+T Festiva runs a 12.99 at 109.8mph
94 Escort GT BP engine Mazda GTR exhaust manifold Small T3 from a Saab @ ~15psi Capri XR2 electronics (Rocketchip ECU) Capri XR2 G-series tranny.