Ford Excursion Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Ford "Eddie Bauer Edition" Excursion, lifted to the sky, sporting 49" Super Swamper Tires takes everyone by surprise by making a pass at Byron Dragway's ...

drag race lifted ford excursion diesel vs ford f350 steak bed black smoke and burnout
This is a drag race at 2009 rocky mountain cummins truck fest between a newer ford excursion diesel powerstroke vs an older Ford f350 powerstroke 7.3 diesel ...

ford excursion drag racing
Ford excursion Drag VS BMW e30 with m3 engine and mc.

Ford Excursion 6.0 vs 7.3 drag race
Me and a friend at the strip havin' a good time.

2004 Ford Excursion 2WD Drag Racing

Lifted Diesel Vs. Stock Gas Truck Drag Race!
Will a diesel with 40" tires beat a gas truck with stock tires?! In honor of getting 30k subscribers, we held the 30k drag race challenge! Loaded up the trucks, ...

Scion IQ Vs Ford Excursion Racelegal com 12 2 2016
Toyota scion IQ vs. ford excursion diesel drag racing on the 1/8 mile drag strip.

excursion drag race
My 7.3 powerstroke making jaws drop as I layed down a 9.09 in the 1/8. and that is on 35" nittos mud's with stock turbo.

Ford v10 60 foot drag
This is my 60 foot drag I did I got second place lost by 10th of a second.

Mach 1 vs Ford Excursion Dig Race
Mach 1- Off Road x and catback Excursion- tuner and intake.

Lifted Turbo Diesel Excursion Drag race
2011 Rocky Mountain Diesel Truck fest.

excursion drag race
another 1/8th mile pass in the big ex. I think that this was a 9.5 in the economy tune.