Ford Escape Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Ford Escape vs Chevy Camaro ls1 Stage Bracket Race 1/8th mile

Ford escape 2013 quarter mile vs dodge ram 5.7 liter
drag race ford escape 2013 ecoboost vs dodge ram 5.7 liter in barranquilla colombia.

2012 V6 Escape vs 2014 Escape 2.0L Ecoboost
Here is a video of my 2012 Ford Escape 3.0L 2wd Limited drag racing an identically equipped 2014 Escape Titanium 2.0L Ecoboost I had rented for business trip Before you view- A little set...

Ford Escape 8th mile Drag race

Toyota Camry 2013 vs. Ford Escape 2013 Drag Race
Toyota Camry 2013 vs Ford Escape 2013 Drag Race. me and my friend did a little drag race to about 150km/h.. the Camry is SE version with 2.5L Dual Exhaust and 181HP Ford Escape is 2WD 1.6L...

Ford Escape vs Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V Autocross Matchup Review ) The 2013 Ford Escape, the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V are small crossovers that represent the new favorite form of transportation for many people. These smallish...

Ford Escape V6 Drag 1
Ford Escape V6 Drag 1.

Ford Escape VS '03 Cobra
I don't really have to say much on this one. This was shot after leaving the NMRA Drag races in Joliet, IL Saturday July 18, 2009. You know who wins! But the car with the flames out the back...

Ford Mustang vs Ford Focus RS - Top Gear: Drag Races
It's Ford vs Ford in this week's Top Gear Drag Race, as we pit the muscular, 345bhp Ford Focus RS against the, um, muscular Ford Mustang. With a V8. Yup, it's four-cylinders vs eight,...

Cobalt SS vs Ford Escape Turbo
Me and a friend racing for fun she is full bolt ons and tuned to 21 psi on stock turbo and i am full bolt ons and tuned to 25psi in the cobalt.

Ford Escape Autocross
Basically me auto-crossing my 2006 Escape. Didn't do too shabby, placing 4th in my heat and 7th overall in a field of 20 cars, 10 cars per heat. I was the only SUV there!

2005 Superchrged Ford Escape "SVT"
Three years ago I decided to see if I could take the Kenne Bell supercharger kit that was made for the 2001-2004 Ford Escape and install it on my 2005 Ford Escape V6 AWD. Two months later,...