Ford Econoline Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Supercharged Econoline - 1/4mi at US-41 Dragway
14.08 @ 95.73 - Our best as of 04-10-2010. Kinda wierd launch, but good time.

Capital Raceway Ford E350 Cargo 6.0 Diesel
Ford E350 6.0 Diesel Cargo 1/4 mile Drag race.

WHEELIE Drag Racing - Full 1/4 mile on two wheels!
Richard Hutchins' Chevy Rebellion is an American legend and world-renowned wheelstander. This 1973 Volkswagen pickup has a 427 cubic inch fuel burning supercharged Chevrolet engine. At US...

Drag racing van
1985 Ford E350 with 460 taking a test pad a the beginning of the day, a couple troubles with the line lock at the burn out and starting line.

Wheelstanding Econoline Pickup "Opie Gone Bad" Dave Opie
ONDR's (Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racers) Dave Opie has fun at "Sunday Niagara" Nostalgia Race at Lancaster, NY. Aug.1, 2009.All of Saturday is on 2 DVDs. Filmed by Frank Kunkel,

1988 Econoline Budget Mustang Fox Body Drag Car. Wait for it......................DRAG VAN!!!
Quick rundown on our street stalker/work horse, you've seen it in the shadows now get the lowdown...the only vehicle in our stable with a restraining order from schools and playgrounds...the...

1988 Ford Econoline..The Drag Van hates me! Budget Fox Body Mustang Drag Car
In this long ago episode we spill the lowdown on whats happening with the DragVan and what we may do to it in the future, its not all good news but the DV will be prowling the streets and the...

Supercharged Econoline - 1/4mi at US-41 Dragway
14.39 @ 93.76 Check out our other videos, and if you like what you see, please subscribe!

Ford Econoline E250 Vs. Ford F350 Dragrace Wheel Burners
Very funny dragrace between 2 Nonmuscle cars.

1988 Econoline Budget Mustang Fox Body Drag Car. Xmas Special! DragVan burnouts lol.........
Okay guys i got videocat/xmas elf to break her vow to never enter the van (at least sober) and do a little filming....this is her second attempt (we have some LTD footage but want more) at...

Drag Racing, Rick Markham's One Night Stand wheelstander - Aug 1994
CanadaMotorSports Drag racing at Race City Motorsports Park Calgary, AB Aug 28, 1994. Rick Markham's One Night Stand wheelstander pickup truck making a 91mph pass on the quarter mile. ...

Always an interesting mix of grudge cars and racers at The Big Drag's clocks off races. The 5th annual event held on sunday at Byron Dragway was no exception! Check out this street legal, full...