Ford Contour Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Built Nova vs Ford Contour: The HUNTER and the HUNTED
A little bit of bracket racing at Atco Raceway. I found this a bit funny.

98 Ford Contour SVT vs Sentra SE-R Spec V
Great Lakes Dragaway on Real Street Drag Night 6-20-2008 The SVT Contour won. Look for the win light at the end of the video.

Ford Contour 3L Swap
3L swap full oval port, shitty tune exhaust & intake.

LS1 Trans Am VS Ford Contour SVT

Ford Contour SVT Autocross
Car craft summer nationals in St paul Minnesota 07/10/2010.

Ford Contour V6 vs Toyota Tercel 1.3T
drag, saint tite, piste alvan.

1998 Contour SVT vs. Dodge Ram 2500 Turbo Cummins
at new england dragway 7-27-07.

156 Ford SVT Contour vs Ford Probe

Ford Contour Drag
Ford Contour Duratec 2.5 L 5 speed MTX-75 1 Gen, VS Grand Am 3.1 GM.

2004 GTO vs. 1998 Contour SVT
at epping dragway 7/27/07 they are friends and they raced each other to start off the day stop leaving stupid comments.

Ford Contour Drag VS 240 SX
DURATEC 2.5L manuel MTX 75 VS nissan KA24DE 5 vitesses , les 2 Stock 100%

SVT Contour vs C5 Corvette
C5 Vette dyno'd at 380+whp, cam, heads, etc. on drag radials SVT Contour dyno'd 213whp, cams, 11.24:1 compression, full bolt ons. On autocross tires.