Ford Aspire Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Ford Figo Aspire vs Honda Amaze - Drag Race | MotorBeam puts two 100 PS compact sedans in a 600 metres drag race to see which one of these 1.5-litre diesel engined equipped cars are ...

Drag race Ford Figo Aspire vs Scoda Octavia

Ford Figo aspire vs Toyota Camry drag race

#FordTrackAttack: Youngsters and Racing
B Viji tells Sirish Chandran his plans on how he plans on getting more youngsters in to the fold of racing.

Ford Figo Aspire VS Honda Amaze | Drag Race | Top Speed

Geo Metro VS Ford Aspire RACE
Geo Metro VS Ford Aspire, ya its supposed to be funny.

Aspire Engineers Drag Race 15-Nov-2013
This challenge is just for fun, it contains 3 drag races: 1) 2008 Honda civic 1.8L vs. 2011 Toyota Prius 1.8L Hybrid 2) 1996 Hyundai Avante 1.5L vs.

Ford Fiesta V Suzuki Swift Drag Race - 1/4 mile
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Eco vs Mazda

2008 Saleen S281 vs. Ford Festiva Turbo
2008 Saleen S281 vs. Ford Festiva Turbo.

#FordTrackAttack: Racing, rallying and the car
The Ed, Sirish Chandran​ and Vijayakumar Balakrishnan​ chat about racing, rallying and what they think about the Ford India​ Aspire.

Ford Aspire Autox Solo II Racing II.mp4