Ford Anglia Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2015 Big Bang - Outlaw Anglia Drag Racing Compilation
2015 Big Bang at Santa Pod Raceway Compilation video of some of the Outlaw Anglia Cars that were at this years Big Bang. Please like the videos, subscribe, ...

Ford Anglia 105e vs VW Polo Drag Car - Drag Race
Mario Thau - Santa Pod Raceway - VW Action Like the Facebook Page - Follow me on Twitter - ...

Cosworth Turbo Ford Anglia vs Zetec Mk1 Escort
Anglia 105e - Dan Snook - Cosworth YB - Santa Pod Raceway Mk1 Escort - Glenn Jefferson - Zetec on Bike Carbs - Drag Racing Like the Facebook Page ...

Mitsubishi FTO vs Ford Anglia 105e - Drag Race
Mitsubishi FTO - Richard Batty - FWD Drag Racing - Santa Pod Raceway Anglia 105e - Brett Wright - Vauxhall C20LET Like the Facebook Page ...

Cosworth Turbo Ford Anglia 105e
Cosworth YB Powered - Anglia 105e Like the Facebook Page - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on ...

Ford Anglia Vs. Ford Capri [KOE - 2008] Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Belgium - Brustem [King Of Europe West] 2008 - 06 - 22 1/4 Mile.

Ford Anglia in car drag racing
santapod raceway.

Jago Jeep vs Ford Anglia Drag Racing York Raceway
Jago Jeep Blows both head gaskets 2 cylinders on each side while racing Ford Anglia Drag Racing York Raceway. Adam & Andy.

Ford Anglia vs Ford Prefect Drag racing York Raceway
Ford Anglia vs Ford Prefect Drag racing York Raceway Andy & Ian.

Ford Sierra vs Anglia 105e Estate - Drag Racing
Sierra - SRMC Street Racers Leicester - Santa Pod Raceway - Central RS Day Anglia 105e Estate - Mark Dodson - Pinto Powered Like the Facebook Page ...

Kevin Youngs' '48 Anglia Drag Car - 9.46 @ 140 MPH
9-23-12 race at Bremerton Raceways in Super Pro.

1959 Ford Anglia 100E Gasser @ Gainesville Raceway Drags
The 2nd outing of Tropic Zone Racing's Ford Anglia Gasser. See details of the build at