Fiat Uno Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Corvette C6 ZR1 vs FIAT Uno Turbo: drag races + launches
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Fiat UNO Turbo @ Sentul Drag Strip
Time : 17.0 @ 402m Owner : Boim Sid Saify.

fiat uno turbo vs m3 drag racing
1400cc uno tubo vs 2 door m3.

Fiat Uno Dragster 784WHP [Vouros Performance] | Autokinisimag Issue #17
It is one of the fastest FWD cars in Europe. It has 784wheel horsepower and it is extremely lightweight. What it actually is, is another excellent example of Greek ...

Subaru WRX 700whp vs Fiat Uno Turbo Drag Racing Insane

Drag Race BMW M6 vs Fiat Punto GT (HD 720p)
Video shot with Nokia N8 BMW M6 vs Fiat Punto GT Croatia Zadar ...

Fiat Uno Turbo Vs. Renault 5 GT Turbo Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - KiskunLacháza - KOE [2009 - 09 - 06]

Fiat Uno Turbo vs Lancia Delta Evo Mauri Racing Drag Racing Marzaglia 30/05/2010
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Ford Mustang '67 vs Fiat Uno Turbo I.E. - Drag Racing Marzaglia 19/09/2010
Drag Racing a Marzaglia Modena Summer Time: Ford Mustang '67 vs Fiat Uno Turbo I.E..

FIAT Uno - 5 Cilindri 640 cv
Fiat Uno Drag Race Nitro.

fiat uno drag the animal camera car

Chevrolet Corvette VTG Turbo 1600PS Vs. Fiat Uno Racing | Drag Wars CZ vs. SK | Automotosprint
Drag Wars CZ Vs. SK (+PL) 30.5.2015 letiště Přerov HTC Re ...