Fiat Punto Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Fiat Punto Abarth vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI - Drag Race | MotorBeam puts two of India's most affordable performance hatchbacks, the Fiat Punto Abarth and the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI in a ...

Audi S3 Vs Fiat Punto GT Turbo Drag Race HD 2013 - 04 - 20 [Hungary - Fertőszentmiklós]

Drag Race BMW M6 vs Fiat Punto GT (HD 720p)
Video shot with Nokia N8 BMW M6 vs Fiat Punto GT Croatia Zadar ...

Fiat Punto GT Turbo Drag Racing - Warm Engine and loud sound! StrokerEngineering Modena
Fiat punto Gt Turbo modificata per le gare di Drag racing, nel video possiamo vedere mentre viene scaldato il motore di questa auto, con fantastiche accelerate!

Fiat Punto HGT Vs. Opel Corsa Turbo Drag Race HD

Fiat Punto GT Turbo 500Hp [Fata Turbina] Drag Racing - insane engine and camera board on track!
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Fiat Punto HGT Vs. Peugeot 206 RC Drag Race [1/4 Mile] Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - KiskunLacháza [2008 - 03 - 29] 1/4 Mile.

Fiat Punto GT 12.605" @ 400M | TETRAKOSARI© VIII
Driver: Tziagoulas George (135) Car: Fiat Punto GT, 1400cc, 250hp Car and driver best three times of the event: 13178", 13057" & 12.605". TETRAKOSARI© is a ...

Fiat Fiorino Turbinator Drag vs Fiat Punto III Maxi HP Racing Drag racing Marzaglia 8/05/2011
Drag Racing a Marzaglia, evento Modena Fast and Furious 8/05/2011 tra: Fiat Fiorino Turbinator Drag vs Fiat Punto III Maxi HP Racing.

Insane REV LIMITER Fiat Punto GT vs Uno Turbo - 1/4 Mile Drag Race!
Watch and listen to these two old italian turbocharged city cars competing on the dragstrip! Fiat Punto GT or Fiat Uno Turbo? I just say "that rev limiter though"!

Fiat Punto V BMW Z4 Drag Race - 1/4 mile (Punto Dies)
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Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 VS Abarth Grande Punto - Drag Race Autodromo di Modena 8/05/2016
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