Fiat 1100 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Fiat 1100's Drag
Karthik.M.B's FIAT ripped by Sujith.T.

Fiat 1100 16.05.2009
oldtimer rally Pelješac 16.05.2009 slalom.

S2000 Powered Fiat vs T-Rex
CSCS drag racing event Aug 23rd 2009 Cayuga.

worlds fastest fiat 500
Tag Built 1970 Fiat 500 with stock body 10.44 E.T. at 138.9 mph. sponsored by Bully Performance Clutch.

fiat uno turbo vs m3 drag racing
1400cc uno tubo vs 2 door m3.

Fiat 126 V8? VS Porsche 911 @ Santa Pod Quarter Mile. Yes... a FIAT!
Fiat 126 VS Porsche 911 at Santa Pod Quarter Mile. Never underestimate the underdog! That little Fiat kicks some butt!

Fiat 1100 Dragged
Sujith's Fiat ripped by Karthik.M.B.

Honda Powered Oldschool Fiat
CSCS drag racing event Aug 23rd 2009 Cayuga.

1957 Fiat 1100 - engine running
1957 Fiat 1100 modified with Honda ST1300 in progress.

FIAT 1100 R 1969.

Fiat (Premier padmani) v/s contessa speedway2011 race
Have you ever seen our own Premier pamani in furious race it is....Very well tried dude...See this unique video.

Fiat 500 cayuga 15 psi turbo wheellie 15 psi turbo, 8 psi tire pres. shut down for front end damages.