Ferrari 348 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Ford Mustang 2010 vs Ferrari 348 Drag Racing Marzaglia 30/05/2010
Evento Drag Racing a Marzaglia Modena Fast and Furious, auto Ford Mustang 2010 e Ferrari 348.

Ferrari 348 w/ Fabspeed sport racing bypass pipes *flybys* (WATCH IN HD)
1992 Ferrari 348tb Fabspeed racing bypass pipe tubi exhaust Interad Forged "Comp 5" Wheels.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X vs Ferrari 348 Drag Racing [HQ]
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X vs Ferrari 348 Drag Racing [HQ] Visite blog :

Monza - Ferrari 348 GTB vs Fiat Uno Turbo
Monza Speed Day - 16 March 2014 - Ferrari 348 GTB - Some fun on the warm up lap - Small red Fiat Uno with LARGE turbo appears from 4:30. - FULL BOOST ...

Yellow Ferrari 348 - 2011 FCA Ottawa Ferrari Festival - Demo Zone
We recorded this Yellow Ferrari 348 doing some amazing flybys the 2011 FCA Ottawa Ferrari Festival Demo Zone on Carling.

FERRARI 348 TB ON THE TRACK - Powerslides and fast laps 2014 HQ
Here another video from a new great Official Ferrari Meeting in the south Italy this year at its 1th edition. Organized by the "VETERAN CLUB POLICORO", the ...

Ferrari 348 Barrel Drifting
U-Drift located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This Video shows the advanced barrel area that has three barrels.

Ferrari Testarossa vs NSX
Testarossa and NSX battle it out on the drag strip and around Tsukuba. Old footage from Best Motoring. Skip to 2:20 for quarter mile race and 3:22 for the race ...

Ferrari 348 Sounds ! Tubi Exhaust, Hard Accelerations !
This is a compilation about the amazing Ferrari 348. You can hear some different sounds coming out of the tubi or normal exhaust, wich are ofcourse lovely!

Drag Racing a Ferrari 360 Modena
Here's what happened when I took my Ferrari 360 Modena to the drag strip for some old-fashioned drag racing. (Doug DeMuro) Music: PhoenixUL ...

Ferrari 458 challenges Turbo Supra on the highway!
Click here for more videos ▻ We were out testing the new tire setup on the Supra when we encountered a Ferrari 458 Italia in the wild!

FERRARI 348 Racing on TT Circuit of Assen - V8 Sound - Viva Italia 2012 - Fly by | SCC TV
Recently we came across these beautiful Ferrari 348 's at Viva Italia 2012! We love to hear your comments on our videos. Feel free to leave one! We make these ...