Dodge Spirit Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Holset He341 Dodge Spirit runs 12.9 - Great Depression Racing
Threw 15 year old slicks onto my daily driver and made some passes. Gave up after the 2nd pass since I just wanted to run a 12. 6g72 12 valve motor, 10psi ...

1991 Dodge Spirit RT Turbo Burnout
1991 Dodge Spirit RT Turbo roast the tires. This was at the Shively Motors of Shippensburg's 5th annual Mopar show. Filmed in HD. Many thanks to the owner of ...

Dodge Spirit R/T vs. 1999 Corvette
This is a video of my 180000 mile Dodge Spirit R/T (2.2L, 50-trim hybrid, FMIC and LOTS of blow-by) racing a 1999 Corvette (stock 6-speed) at the 1/4 mile track ...

Chrysler Lebaron vs Dodge spirit R/T
3.0L V6 vs 2.2L 4cyl 16V turbo intercooled who will win?

1990's Dodge Spirit Vs. 1980's Mercury Grand Marquis 2/2
Ok we are now on part 2 and the tug a war and we gotta see who the winner is. The winner is the Blue 1990's Dodge Spirit. This video was taken at Grants Pass ...

spirit burnout

92 Chrysler LeBaron / "Dodge Spirit R/T"

spirit rt DIEGO vs caribe


Dodge Spirit, Holset He341 -The Tow Car- Great Depresion Racing
Holset He341 @ 10psi. Stock SOHC 6g72 with chrome rings gapped for boost. 92 Octane. Stock N/A computer and Spark Advance. Rising Rate Regulator.

1968 Dodge Charger at the SEMA Show 2011

1991 Dodge Spirit R/T
Since we were out doing vids of my Bonneville... This is my buddy's Dodge Spirit R/T doing a fast pass. If you're a gearhead, you know what this car is, and know ...