Dodge Shadow Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2.4l Dodge Shadow 10.816@135.1

1993 dodge shadow
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1993 dodge shadow
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10 Second - 600rwhp Turbo GRANNY MOBILE?!?!
This 1988 Plymouth Sundance is NOTHING to take for granted. This thing has had a MAJOR overhaul since it's grocery getter days back in the late 80's.

1992 Dodge Shadow ES Convertible Solo II racing
My unmodified 1992 Dodge Shadow Convertible racing at Caledonia High School in 2002. 3.0L engine and 4 Speed Auto Trans.

1989 Mustang vs. 1991 Dodge Shadow - Piece of Shit Races Episode 1
High quality version of the POS Races, episode 1. An audio fix was put in, overall volume was boosted, audio is now synched properly and the video's ...

1988 Dodge Shadow Hot Rod, Woodward Dream Cruise
Cruising with Dave and Shirley Ziolkowski. Their story is here:

12 second Dodge Ram dually drag racing
12 second Dodge Ram dually drag racing.

GRM $2012 Challenge - Dodge Aries drag race
Team Mini-Me's Dodge Aries going 11.69 in the quarter mile.

This is definitely no ordinary Dodge Shadow; Dave and Shirley Ziolkowski created a monster in their home garage! Hear the raw power of this 528ci 800 hp as ...

Drag Race: 2012 Lexus LFA vs 2010 Nissan GT-R
We pit Lexus' first-ever supercar -- the $400000 Lexus LFA -- against our long-term Nissan GT-R to find out which one is the king of the JDMs. Read the full story ...

Spectator Drags at Beech Ridge [May 2015]
Street legal spectator drag elimination racing at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Maine (Day of Destruction #1). Memorial day weekend May 24th, 2015.