Dodge Shadow Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2.4l Dodge Shadow 10.816@135.1

Brian Slowe 2 Dodge Shadow BSX

8 Second Dodge Shadow???
Brian Slowe knows how to get down the track in his FWD Dodge Shadow.

dodge shadow turbo dyno run 6
dodge shadow turbo 4/4/09 willow st pa.

Dodge Shadow ES Convertible Autocross Racing

Dodge Shadow- Nasty 4 Banger Does 8s
Correct me if I'm wrong in the title! This thing gets up and goes!

turbo dodge shadow 12.5 1/4 mile
The best with the auto so far. 1988 dodge shadow turbo.

Turbo Dodge Shadow compilation
2009 racing season. This is when the car had the 5spd. when running the 12 second runs boost was around 24 psi. 273 WHP and 314 WTQ. enjoy!

Dodge shadow beats a new lancer
No clue what mods if any are done to the lancer. Shadow has t3t4 hybrid turbo 24 psi boost.

Brian Slowe's Dodge Shadow Cecil County 11-14-15

This is definitely no ordinary Dodge Shadow; Dave and Shirley Ziolkowski created a monster in their home garage! Hear the raw power of this 528ci 800 hp as ...

Dodge shadow turbo 12.86 @115
Not the best run of the day, but the best one on film.