Dodge Rampage Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Dodge Rampage vs. VW Caddy - Grudge Match
"Rampage vs. Caddy" These two Hot Wheels models have very similar designs, but the purple Rampage is almost 20 grams heavier than the orange Caddy.

Dodge Rampage vs Corvette
Saskatchewan International Raceway on June 19th / 2009.

Rampage Drag Racing Car
The Rampage Dodge drag car runs at the CEMA Car Show on June 13, 2009. The venue is the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, MI.

84 Dodge Rampage goes bracket racing (Sacramento Raceway)
I was one race away from takin the fun run trophey.. The in car/truck video shot was one of those in the moment things where we were all makin fun of that Ja ...

Dodge Omni vs Challenger SRT-8 1/8th Mile Drag Race Irwindale Drag Strip
Boyd Gaebel driving the "Ugly Old Omni" and showing an amature in an SRT-8 Challenger that looks are sometimes deceiving. The omni is pushing about ...

1983 Dodge Rampage Custom Orng SCFairgrounds050315
These trucklets were popular at the time...and this one has a cool paint job and immaculate interior. It has two rearward facing seats like the Subaru Brat ...

twin engine Dodge Rampage video
Twin engine dodge rampage.. started as something to play with.. but now looks like i am going to build it for real using another rampage that isnt rusted.. and ...

Dodge Rampage V8 vs Vocho. Arrancones Puro Tepa 2014

1970 Camaro "Rampage" Race Car from The Roadster Shop - SEMA - Eastwood
The Rampage Widebody Camaro from The Roadster Shop was a Top 10 Car at SEMA 2015 in a list compiled by The Speed Society. Visit Eastwood: ...

Street racing my 84 Dodge Rampage again a 2000 toyota tacoma

DVDs & APPAREL - Team USA takes on Team Puerto Rico in some All Out Sand Drag Racing during the ATV Wars event at ...

1100 hp Twin SRT-4 engine powered Dodge Rampage build Swap SRT4 SRT 2.4 turbo Neon Engines
well started one years ago as a joke that turned to serious for the body I had to work with so I started another rampage (black one) to do twin 2.4 turbos (see my ...