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A nice fast beater truck! The only other thing I would do to this is get the A/C working!.....if it's not working?

Dodge Viper vs SUV's Durango & Ramcharger
visit http://import2race.com Two Dodge Viper vs SUV's drag race.

Dodge Ramcharger drags out Toyota from a snowy grave.
This is my 89 Dodge Ramcharger pulling out another junk Toyota. It's a 360 4spd 4x4. We had over two feet of snow and this road is unplowed.

Ramcharger dragging
Some guy put hydraulics in his old Dodge Ramcharger and thought he would show off by dragging it down the street.

1978 Dodge Ramcharger Commercial Film - Ford Bronco & Chevy Blazer Comparison Film
All new for 1978 was the Ford Bronco. This film compares the Dodge Ramcharger with both the Bronco and Chevy Blazer. Clearly, the Ramcharger was a ...

Dodge Ramcharger mud racing
Spring 2014 Olson's mud run!

87 Dodge Ramcharger In Mud Pit
Jefferson County WV. Mud Bog 2011. Ramcharger swimming in some clay like goo, rebuilt 360 with a mild cam, and rebuilt trans, dual exhaust, headers, ...

Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE 4x4 SUV 5.9L V8 1985 Power Ram 1 OWNER Special Edition
Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE 4x4 SUV 5.9L V8 1985 Ram Charger Power Ram 1 OWNER http://www.1ownercarguy.com This is a very nice Dodge ...

1977 Dodge Ramcharger Promotional Film - Dodge Demo Screen
This is a Roy Ross film for Chrysler Corporation's Dodge Division for it's Dodge Demo Screen used in Dodge Dealers. This film was saved from the trash in 1980 ...

Dodge Ramcharger mud racing run 1
Fall 2014 Olson's mud run.

1964 Dodge 330 for sale in the Louisville Showroom
1964 Dodge 330 "Ramcharger Clone". This car was built as a throwback to the days of plain Jane appearing cars that would dominate the drag strip. This car is ...

dodge ramcharger tearing up the pond
me driving the ramcharger into the pond, hitting the silt no problem, and then hitting a large rock in the mud, i was able to slide around it and get out. 360 jasper ...


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