Dodge Mirada Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1983 Dodge Mirada drag racing against a Plymouth Duster.
I lost this race but it was one of the best races ive had in a very long time. He got a small head start and i had to run him down. He got the 0.010 before i did and ...

The Dodge Mirada was a rear wheel drive car that was similar to the Dodge Magnum, the 1981-83 Imperial, and the second-generation Chrysler Cordoba.

Dodge Mirada Stock Eliminator
Myers Motorsports Dodge Mirada, IHRA National record holder.

1980 Dodge Mirada with a 408 Stroker
After being burned up in a1971 D150 that was lost in a barn fire, the mighty 408 stroker is back and better than ever in the majestic 1980 Dodge Mirada.

Dodge Mirada | 1980 | Frontal Crash Test | NHTSA | CrashNet1
1980 Dodge Mirada Impact speed: 35mph Thumbs up for the crash dummies! Do you think this vehicle is safe when compared to others in the same class?

1983 Dodge Mirada w/ 6.1 Hemi SRT8

1981 Dodge Mirada and 1979 Dodge Magnum XE Walk-Around
1981 Dodge Mirada and 1979 Dodge Magnum XE walk-around while running. The Mirada has a standard 318 Dodge V-8. The Magnum XE has a 360 Dodge ...

1981 Dodge Mirada With a 318 Dodge V-8 Walk-Around
Like-new 1981 Dodge Mirada. Excellent condition. one-owner car. NO RUST AT ALL. quiet as a Caddy. Very, very nice Dodge Mirada. original paint. NOT FOR ...

1980 Dodge Mirada CMX
I bought this car in May of 2007 for $1050 in Knoxville, TN. Since then, I've turned the car around from where it was to where it is. If you want more details on the ...

1980 Dodge Mirada - BurnOut
One sunday afternoon in Norway :D.

Dodge Mirada quarter panel extensions Replica Plastics
Dodge Mirada Replica Plastic fit unsatisfactory !!!!!!

dodge mirada upgrades
1982 dodge mirada.