Dodge Mirada Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1983 Dodge Mirada drag racing against a Plymouth Duster.
I lost this race but it was one of the best races ive had in a very long time. He got a small head start and i had to run him down. He got the 0.010 before i did and ...

The Dodge Mirada was a rear wheel drive car that was similar to the Dodge Magnum, the 1981-83 Imperial, and the second-generation Chrysler Cordoba.

1983 Dodge Mirada runs 12.91 at 84.73

1983 Dodge Mirada runs 12.23 at 108.49

1980 Dodge Mirada with a 408 Stroker
After being burned up in a1971 D150 that was lost in a barn fire, the mighty 408 stroker is back and better than ever in the majestic 1980 Dodge Mirada.

Dodge Dart Drag Car Dyno Runs
This full blown drag race ready Dodge Coronet does a few dyno pulls at the Mopar Car Show in Avondale, Arizona 3/7/15. Universal Technical Institute hosted ...

Dodge Mirada | 1980 | Frontal Crash Test | NHTSA | CrashNet1
1980 Dodge Mirada Impact speed: 35mph Thumbs up for the crash dummies! Do you think this vehicle is safe when compared to others in the same class?

DCR - 2015 Quarter-Mile Tournament - Champion's Stage - Race 6
Event: 1/4 Mile Tournament (Champions) Round: 2 Cars: Buick Grand National (Group8) vs. Dodge Charger (Group6) Teams: Flying Circus vs. Grand Junk ...

1983 Dodge Mirada Tears Up 1st Gen Chevrolet Camaro on the Quarter Mile
My Mirada has a mild 340. The Camaro had a small block, but i dont know what size. I ran a 12.15 @ 109.65 on this run. The Camaro ran a 12.93 at 106 and ...

1980 Dodge Mirada

1983 Dodge Mirada w/ 6.1 Hemi SRT8

SRT-8 Dodge Mirada Start up & Back out
Overview of how the car sounds with the flowmasters & much better than any of the individual still pictures on the facebook page: ...