Dodge Mirada Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Dodge Mirada Stock Eliminator
Myers Motorsports Dodge Mirada, IHRA National record holder.

1983 Dodge Mirada drag racing against a Plymouth Duster.
I lost this race but it was one of the best races ive had in a very long time. He got a small head start and i had to run him down. He got the 0.010 before i did and ...

1980 Dodge Mirada – Drag Car
1980 Dodge Mirada – Drag Car 440 cu. In. Max Wedge V-8 Holley Dominator Carburetor 727 Torque-Flight Automatic Transmission Kirkey Racing Seat Line ...

1983 Dodge Mirada runs a 12.22 quarter mile
This is my 1983 Dodge Mirada running a 12.22 quarter mile with a trap speed just over 108 miles per hour.

1983 Dodge Mirada runs a 12.15 quarter mile
This was an elimination round at the PID Reunion event at Pittsburgh Raceway Park. The Mirada dialed 12.20 and ran a 12.15.

Unacceptable Burnouts
these burnouts are absolutly unacceptable.

marauder 4.6 vs 09 challenger srt8 6.1 hemi

DCR - 2015 Quarter-Mile Tournament - Champion's Stage - Race 6
Event: 1/4 Mile Tournament (Champions) Round: 2 Cars: Buick Grand National (Group8) vs. Dodge Charger (Group6) Teams: Flying Circus vs. Grand Junk ...

1980 Dodge Mirada Burnout
This Dodge Mirada is owned by Tub Pyles.

1983 Dodge Mirada w/ 6.1 Hemi SRT8

DCR - 2015 Quarter-Mile Tournament - Champion's Stage - Roster
Event: 1/4 Mile Tournament (Champion's Stage) Track: DCR Drag Strip Class: Stock, Production (USA: 1960-Present) Event date: October 26th - November 1st ...

My 1983 Dodge Mirada warming up the gears
Rolling up to our garage spot, revving the engine during the morning warmup.