Dodge Intrepid Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

08 Charger SRT8 vs 99 Dodge Intrepid Drag Race
5-5-10 - Street Elimination Lebanon Valley - 1st round and I am eliminated by .07.

GT 500 vs Intrepid Drag Race
8-11-10 - Lebanon Valley - 1st round of time trials.

05 Crossfire vs Intrepid Drag Race
5-19-10 - Lebanon Valley - first round of time trials before rain out - I probably could pull another 1/2 second from the Crossfire - 6sp MT.

Dodge Intrepid 2.7 Exhaust
This is a compilation of my exhaust on my 2.7 Intrepid with a 300m Special PCM.

NITROUS INTREPID @ King Of The North drag strip
drag racing roadkill style.

drag race chevy versus dodge, old start cold start intrepid, santa, gossolean is broken

DQ vs Trey Drag Race in Centerville on Walker drive
Dodge Intrepid vs Chevorlet.

Luksvill intrepid vs. Tibaron
battle for the win..

Fast Intrepid Racing
driving on a fun road in my stock Intrepid.

98 intrepid race car
98 dodge intrepid with a 440 big block rear wheel drive.

dodge intrepid "first run"
running my intrepid at atco for the first time and getting a 16.5.

dodge intrepid racing at atco
racing my beast at atco race way.