Dodge Durango Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2014 Dodge Durango R/T vs Range Rover Sport Drag Race & 0-60 MPH Mashup ) The 2014 Dodge Durango R/T with the V8 HEMI and the Range Rover Sport sport with the Supercharged V6 don't normally compete ...

Dodge Viper vs SUV's Durango & Ramcharger
visit Two Dodge Viper vs SUV's drag race.

Dodge Durango Vs. Ford Mustang GT | Drag Race
_ SUBSCRIBE _--^ **Dodge Durango Vs. Ford Mustang GT | Drag Race** Two unlikely ...

Mario Sperto Jr. in his street driven '00 Dodge Dakota R/T powered by a 408ci nitrous engine with a 100% stock suspension takes out Mark Schafer's high flying ...

13 Durango RT 1/4 Mile Run
13 Durango RT 1/4 Mile Run, stock except for AFE CAI.

RIPP Supercharged 2014 Dodge Durango 5.7 DYNO
In this video you will see the worlds first RIPP Supercharged 2014 Dodge Durango producing 425 AWD Wheel HP and 420ft/lbs of trq. This vehicle was tested ...

2013 RAM 1500 vs Ford F-150 Drag Race & Burnout Mega Pickup Mashup ) The 2013 Ram 1500 has a HEMI V8 that sounds like God laughing. The 2013 Ford EcoBoost has two less cylinders but two more turbos ...

Dodge Durango vs Mustang GT
I totally wax a GT with a 13.30 against his 15.02 and he thought it was necessary for him to wear a helmet. Funny.

Dodge vs Chevy ( drag race )
Both trucks are 2003's, he has the smaller motor for that model and I have the bigger one, the 5.9L magnum.

Tuff Truck Dodge Durango @ Clark County Fair 2014
Aug. 2014 Ridgefield,Wa. Driver: Marty Hansen.Announcer Lloyd Massey....For Marty's 2015 video click this ...

Twin Turbo 2003 Dodge Durango Built By SDCE
Here is a feature of Nate Oftedahl's unique sleeper. It is a twin turbo 2003 Dodge Durango built and tuned by SD Concepts Engineering in East Providence ...

Durango 1/8th Mile
404ci 500hp Durango.