Dodge D250 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

WORLD'S FASTEST D-150! 1990 Dodge Ram 318 Drag Racing 1/8 mile and street burnouts
That old speed demon, well, at least she could tear out 2nd gear! Adam Anderson and the Edge squeak out a 9.99 at the track (1/8 mile), and play some on the ...

1st Gen. Drag Racing
Drag racing my 1993 W250 at Spokane raceway.

Fast first gen cummins
this is a video i took at the diesel truck fest between a first and sencond gen cummins.

93 Dodge cummins 1st Gen D250, walk-around, smoke, missing a gear....
This is our 93 D250 we picked up a few months ago. Sold the blue 91. This truck can also be seen drag racing in my other videos. Video of me (16yrs old) ...

GOT SMOKE? Dodge VS Chevy!
Got smoke? Battle of the pick up turns into a big black cloud that covers the audience! Would'nt want to stand on the opposite side on this race!

Cole Dow 1st Gen Dodge Cummins Drag Racing

91 Cummins vs 90 Cummins drags
92 cummins 5 speed standard vs 90 cummins 3 speed auto.

Airwerks 2wd Cummins Diesel 9.70
07/24/10 Beech Bend.

Tylers 1993 Dodge Cummins Pulling Flatbed and Rolling Some Coal
Tylers freshly painted 1993 D250 5 speed cummins rolling some coal.

1990 dodge Flowtech headers BAD IDEA!!!
1990 Dodge D250 360.

84 Dodge D250 318 4 speed-- SOLD to tommartyn
Sold to tommartyn...check out his channel. he's awesome and has a fun place to hang out.

1993 Dodge Ram D150 5.9L Burnout #3