Dodge Colt Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Bob Mayerle's '72 Dodge Rod Shop Colt Outlaw Nostalgia Pro Stock, driven by Roland Lursky and back up girl Karin Scardina Lursky get set enroute to a run of ...

Pizza Delivery Car Dodge Colt Drag Racing 5-4-2012 race your ride at qualcomm stadium on the 1/8 mile drag strip pizza delivery car Papa John's Pizza vs Little Caesars Pizza I think the ...

1974 Dodge colt drag racing

1989 Dodge Colt Drag Racing 12-20-2013
Friday night drag racing at QUALCOMM stadium 1/8 mile drag strip this little red all wheel drive dodge colt with the papa johns pizza sign on the roof was a real ...

Fast Dodge Colt
Tuning Billy's Dodge Colt for Pinks!

1989 Dodge Colt 4G63 Turbo Drag Race
Nate Pharr's 1989 Dodge Colt GT with a 4G63 swap. This classic video (circa 1998 or 1999, I believe) was a big part of my decision to buy one of these great ...

Mary Kay Special Colt drag racing
Video of my 1989 Dodge Colt. Running consistent high 12's and low 13's all night.

1989 Dodge Colt Drag Racing 10-5-2012
friday night drag race your ride at qualcomm stadium four wide drag racing 1/8 mile watch this little four cylinder compact car 1898 dodge colt red all wheel drive ...

Nasty 600whp Colt goes 9.5 squatting hard!
This sleeper colt that has a 2.0L 4g63 and a AWD swap ran solid all weakend at the 2014 DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout. It ended up winning the Max Effort Class ...

Nyce1sClips - Anthony Apuzzo's 9 Second 1972 Dodge Colt @ Import Face Off New England Dragway 2012
Checkout Anthony Apuzzo's 9 Second 1972 Dodge Colt at New England Dragway during a recent IFO event! Congrats to Anthony on his new personal best.

Sox and Martin Colt makes a pass

AWD 4G63 Dodge Colt 829whp #Sleeper
This is one hell of a sleeper built by Real Street Performance. stay tuned for some pulls on the street and some racing videos!