Dodge Caliber-SRT-4 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

SRT-4 Caliber Owns the Dragstrip
Took the 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 out to the track it some friends, this is what happened. 1.) First race, the guy did lose control but he did regain it I was told. 2.

03-08 Nissan 350Z vs 08-09 Dodge Caliber SRT4 Drag Race
Mods Unknown ET 1/4mile seconds Great Lakes Dragaway Union Grove, WI Event Import Wars 2015 9/20/2015 72F Elevation 774ft great lakes dragaway 2015 ...

Dodge Caliber SRT4 Vs. Ford Mustang GT 5.0 | Drag Race
_ Subscribe to our Youtube channel _--^ **Dodge Caliber with Mitsubishi Engine Vs.

Wo's wife reacts to a drag strip run in 08 caliber SRT4
Wo takes his wife out for her first run in his Dodge Caliber SRT4. This is the results. Did I see some tears?

Two '08 Caliber SRT4's Drag Racing 10/6/11
A buddy and i racing at Mooresvile dragway. Im in the right lane. I won by a slight margin. 9.095 at 84.560mph.

Caliber SRT4 Drag Racing
In-Car footage of my new personal best pass. I ran the pass without the WOT box because I couldn't get a consistent launch so I decided to shut it off and make a ...

Caliber srt 4 1/4 vs 2010 challenger classic 5.7
Ms1k,catless dp, stock otherwise.

Dodge Caliber SRT4 drag race compilation
Acceleration, dynamics, launch and exhaust sound. The following are the authors of each video, go to their channel to see more videos about Subaru, as well as ...

07 Mustang GT vs 08 Dodge Caliber SRT 4
Just a fun run between my buddies V8 Killer and my Turd. Mods are in the beginning of the video.

caliber srt4 1/4
dodge caliber srt-4 racing at realtune nationals 2011.

ft wainwright drag racing 59 cavalier turbo vs dodge caliber srt4

700hp 160mph SRT4 Fly By Roll Racing
This DCR Built Automatic SRT4 sounded wicked on the front straight away with its Bullseye Turbo!