Devin Special Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Fast Race Car Kicks Ass!!!
Fast 1958 Devin SS #77 car from the Group 1 at 2010 Coronado Speed Festival in San Diego wins race!!!

Warren 9.97 57 Devin special
Warren at Bandimere,9.97.

Devin race car 283 Chevy small block
Dave's new race car at the weekly evening cruise-in.

1957 Devin Special Vintage Race Car All Aluminum Buick V8
1957 Devin Special for sale! The "Gary Special", S-71527 racer purpose built at Devin's El Monte, CA location. Raced in California by Don McQuilken, and later by Donald Shaw in Canada. Has...

MINIBIKE Jr Dragster Vs BANSHEE Track Life US 131
same ole shit.

1957 Devin special warren fastest muscle car
My friends 1957 devin special Fastest street car in Colorado.

atwood kansas 2008 early rod run 57 devin
This is that awsomly fast 1957 Devin special owned by Warren Harrison of denver CO. This car hooks.

Red Demon INSANE 7 second AWD 2G DSM - Boostin Performance
Click here for more videos ▻ Congrats again to Devin Schultz and the entire Boostin Performance Crew! Special thanks to EOS Performance!

Muskogee Police Grudge Match
Muskogee Police Beat the Heat Drag car was the Pace Car for a Grudge Match between two Muskogee Police Officers For Charity. Officer Ron Yates and Officer Devin Beach raced to raise money for...

Devin Schultz owner of Boostin Performance now has The Quickest and Now Fastest Alpha 12 / 35R powered GT-R in the World! 8.15@172mph! Boostin Performance...

1957 Small Block Chevy Powered Devin Sports Car Dyno Day
Video of a 1957 Devin Sports Car on the Dyno. Driven by my father of 72 years young. Fun was had by driver and spectators.

2004 Dodge 3500 - Devin Smith Dyno Run
04 Dodge by Devin Smith at Thoroughbred Diesel 6th Annual Judgement Day Dyno Event (October 11, 2014). Devin ran in the 2.6L turbo class during Judgement Day. 548.7 HP 1013.1 lb-ft TQ Truck...