Devin Special Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Friday Night Drag Racing 4-24-2015
Friday night will be perfect racing weather!! See you at the track–Don't Miss It. RaceLegal, the safer and sanctioned track alternative to illegal street racing, was ...

9 SECOND Street CAH! - 1g AWD DSM Drag Race - Mike Rizzotti - FP3582 HTA
Mike Rizzotti 9.98 @ 140 mph - FP3582 HTA. New best again on this setup! First pass it ran a 10.06@138, with a 1.49 60', this vid is run #2 of the night.

ZR1 Vette vs Jet! - Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Races A U.S. Navy Fighter Jet
MT Editor at Large Arthur St. Antoine pits Chevy's awesome "Blue Devil" -- the Corvette ZR1 -- against its toughest adversary yet: a Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet ...

Wicked Sounding Lifted Truck 427 Aluminum Small-block V8 Racing Pickup
I was at the Spring Fling Car Show today at Gateway Classic Cars and this wicked sounding truck pulled in. I don't know a whole lot about it, but it sure is mean.

V-Rod Destroyer at AHDRA Harley Drags, Rockingham 2012 fall race
Dwayne Stambaugh on his VRod Destroyer in the near lane during qualifying at the All Harley Drag Races. Shot with my cell on 10-13-2012 during the Jim ...

Friday Night Drag Racing (1) 10-5-2012
Friday night drag racing at qualcomm stadium drag race your ride four wide drag racing on the 1/8 mile Latest Race Winners -- Friday, October 5th, 2012 BEST ...

Evo 9 Drag Racing
Bolt ons, Cams, stock turbo, 92 oct, English Racing Tune 372hp/356q Pacific Raceways 12.418 @ 111.70 mph.

Warren 9.97 57 Devin special
Warren at Bandimere,9.97.

Evo IX drag racing - 12.3 @ 107mph
My evo racing an R6. This was done with only basic modifications, intake, exhaust, MBC, and tune. 12.3 @ 107mph.

1957 Devin special warren fastest muscle car
My friends 1957 devin special Fastest street car in Colorado.

Fast Race Car Kicks Ass!!!
Fast 1958 Devin SS #77 car from the Group 1 at 2010 Coronado Speed Festival in San Diego wins race!!!

Greg wold 1965 autin mini st jovite fall classic race enjoy Gopro HD Part 3of3
BEST 10 position st-Jovite fall classic race astonishing performance from Greg wold with is tiny fast mini! 1 129 Terry Watson 15 00:31:27.847 01:55.004 3 ...