DeTomaso Pantera Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1971 Detomaso Pantera 540HP at Albuquerque Dragway - Pantera Drag Race
1971 Pantera at dragstrip....Traction? What traction?!!

Detomaso Pantera GT5 515HP Dyno & Dragstrip Run!
The worlds most beautiful car in action at Santa Pod.

Drag Racing DeTomaso Panteras at Carlsbad Raceway
1999 at the long gone Carlsbad Raceway. Eight DeTomaso Panteras drag it out. From the Mustang got the jump but the Pantera beat him anyhow to "What is ...

De Tomaso Pantera leaving 0-60 Garage

De Tomaso Pantera Drag Race - INSANE SOUND
Drag Race between a De Tomaso and a Silvia.

1971 Detomaso Pantera at Albuquerque Dragway - EIGHT - Pantera Drag Race

DeTomaso Pantera at the dragstrip (Cayuga)
74 DeTomaso Pantera. That's not tire smoke, it's clutch smoke. Ended my day early.

Ferrari vs. DeTomaso Pantera
1988 Ferrari 328 GTS 1973 De Tomaso Pantera Battle it out for the best time. Ok, there really wasn't much of a war here!

1973 De Tomaso Pantera Gr.3 Race Car
This beast of a car going around the Belgian track Spa-Francorchamps sure is a nice sight for sore eyes! If the beauty of this De Tomaso Pantera Group 3 Race ...

1972 De Tomaso Pantera Gr4 Ex- Works Racecar (Incredible V8 Sound at Spa)
This Detomaso Pantera was at one of the early test days at Spa-Francorchamps this year! There were two of these cars, both very interesting and both very loud!

DeTomaso Pantera Dragrace
74 Pantera GR4 with Cleveland stroker. 12.4 sec run it was 100 degrees at the track. Tires were spinning right through 1st.

Bob eats Corvette.MOV
Bob in the Pantera at Firebird Raceway - Drag race against a poor Corvette.