Datsun Stanza Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Datsun Stanza 11.50@124, L20b turbo
Daily driver, E85, first time out on slicks (225 Hoosier drag radials), 1.81 60'

Worlds Fastest Datsun 4 Cylinder Nissan SR20 Powered -NDIMA- (NEW WORLD RECORD)
Worlds Fastest Datsun 4 Cylinder Nissan SR20 Powered -NDIMA-

Datsun 240z vs Nissan GTR
This is a homebuilt twin turbo " blow through " system on a 409 cubic inch Chevy small block engine in a 72 Datsun 240 z. The car is Street Legal due to ...


Datsun Stanza 12.10@123, L20b turbo
Next run of the night, 2.0 60' but big pedal 2nd gear, daily driver, L20b, efi turbo, E85, stock valves and chambers, cast pistons, street tyres (225/50-15), 2380lb ...

Datsun Stanza 11.40, L20b turbo
1.59 60'

Datsun Stanza 11.40@119, L20b turbo incar
Car was down on power (rich) but managed a 1.59 60' here.

206.2RWHP - Dyno tuning Haltech PS1000 on Datsun Stanza SR20DET.
Dyno tuning Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 on Datsun Stanza SR20DET. From Workshop: UNOTECH. KSnusa's Dyno Dynamics AWD Chassis Dynamometer.

Datsun Stanza 11.50@124 incar, L20b turbo
Daily driver, 1.81 60'

180Y drag race at North Weald 14.84
Racing some pro street V8 7 litre monster thing, yes he whipped my ass but hey, i was in a 1.8 with 175 street tyres.

datsun stanza doing a burnout and ringing its neck.

Datsun Stanza, 11.18@124, L20b turbo
Some clutch slip through 2nd gear, daily driver, cast pistons, 10yo engine etc etc just a real, basic, street car. Incar gopro died the pass before :( You can see the ...