Chrysler Valiant Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

VH Valiant Hardtop - Drag & Circuit Racing
A few clips from drag racing at Calder Park and a track day at Collie Motorplex. Fairly stock 265 Hemi with a cam and 4 barrel carb, 4 speed manual, 3.5 geared ...

Chrysler V8 turbo Valiant Ranger ~ Bergamin Brothers Racing
Bergamin Borther Racing Aussie Valiant VJ Ranger is powered by a Chrysler 318ci small block v8 engine and boosted by a Garrett GT42 turbocharger blow ...

Big Block VE Valiant Wagon
Graeme Carter's VE Valiant wagon runs an injected 440ci big block motors down the drag strip. Subscribe to Street Machine for V8-powered good times ...

Valiant Charger Drag Cars
Two 10 Second Australian Valiant Chargers Dragging.

Georgio Lafazanis's Magenta R/T Charger
Check out Georgio Lafazanis's awesome magenta R/T Charger. This is an Aussie Valiant Charger which differs from the American Dodge Charger quite a lot.

Chrysler Valiant Charger TUFFCL
Con's Charger runs into the tens for the first time at Calder Park. The car is powered by a pump fuel 408ci stroker engine and backed by a Chrysler 3-speed auto ...

Turbo V8 - Franks VJ Chrysler Valiant
Frank talks us through his daily driver VJ Val with a turbo 318 small block . Aussie Mopar Goodness.

7 Second Australian 1972 Valiant Charger
Not a car you see in the US that often, John Faraone's 4200lbs 572ci Twin 88mm Turbo powered 1972 Valiant Charger layed down some serious passes on ...

VC Valiant at the drags
Picking the wheels up!!

1962 Plymouth Valiant Slant Six Drag Racing Barona drag Strip 2-18-2012
saturday afternoon at barona drag strip during the nhra summit series test and tune how about a 1962 plymouth valiant with a slant six vs a 1956 chevrolet.

Chrysler Valiant Charger HEMI 6
Brad's 265ci Hemi turbo 6 cylinder, now with fuel injection improves to consistent low tens running on E85 ethanol. ...

1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger 6000 Graeme Addis
In my event overview for the New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing, I briefly touched on what I considered to be the ultimate nostalgic manifestation of the Kiwi ...