Chrysler New-Yorker Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

LeBaron vs New Yorker. Mopar Fest 2015
Le Baron vs New Yorker. Mopar Fest 2015.

Chrysler New Yorker VS Chevy Corsica Street Race
Just out racing....But like a boss!

62 New Yorker vs Mustang
The primo 1962 New Yorker tries its luck against a Mustang. The New Yorker has a stock 413 big block engine.

1951 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible -Test Drive - Viva Las Vegas Autos
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62 New Yorker vs Mazda Drag
A 413 powered 1962 Chrysler New Yorker races a Mazda at Armdrop. The New Yorker emptied its 2000 pound water ballast after this run, and he cut loose with the 413 Max Wedge pulling the front...

66 New Yorker
First drag strip pass with Battlestar Galactica.

Nice Chrysler Drag Of Course A New Yorker LOL
Nice Chrysler Drag Of Course A New Yorker LOL.

Chrysler 5th ave 1/8th mile full pass FINALLY!!
86 Chrysler 5th ave 8.0 index race.

new yorker on 4z
1995 chrysler new yorker on 4zzzzz 3 15s slappin FOR SALE $3800 (510-754-1169)

1960 Chrysler NewYorker @ German Mopar Nationals 2010
My 1960 Chrysler NewYorker at the 2010 German Mopar Nationals near the town of Herten.

Chrysler by Chrysler 2
Heathcote Raceway 25/11/12.

chrysler new yorker 1968 runns like a champ