Chrysler Conquest Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

10 Second Chrysler Conquest
10 second Chrysler Conquest built by EIP. It's not my car, just sharing with the Conquest fans!

Conquest Turbo
Conquest still runing hard with no need for V-TEC/ Honda Lovers.

2x 9sec 4g63 swapped Conquests racing burnouts
Two 9sec 4g63 swapped Conquest's racing at the 21st Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout!

Chrysler made a fast car???
It's always a pleasant surprise to see something out of the ordinary at the drag strip. In this case - a 1987 Chrysler Conquest with a turbo 6.0L swap! And boy ...

Starion vs Conquest

87 Mitsubishi Starion (or Chrysler Conquest - whic

2006 Kris Heefner's 1986 Dodge Conquest Featured Car. Kris Heefner's 1986 Dodge Conquest Music by The Foo Fighters.

Lots of Boost + Tiny Conquest = Great Time!
Lots of boost and a big V8 in a tiny car is always tons of fun and this time, we check out this Conquest as it sets the hydraulic roller LS record. Subscribe free ...

Chrysler Conquest
Just a 1/4 mile run for the EIP tuning team.

Turbo Civic Vs Starion Turbo

4CYLFURY 9.54 @ 143mph 2nd Pass
G54B Starion Turbo by 4CYLFURY running 1/4 mi in Houston @ Royal Purple Raceway. TSQ2014.

Conquest Turbo
Doin 14.5"s baby.